Industry news list
  • [Original] Talking about the advanced Pu'er tea: Is it the next Moutai or the next Lafite?

    At the end of 2019, Dayi Zodiac Tea Rat Cake was born at the right time, setting off a new wave of rivers and lakes in the tea industry, and the tea industry surged in a short period of time.
  • Unbounded · International New Tea Drinking Competition

    The space for unlimited drinking is the space belonging to the unbounded person. It is a modern new tea drinking lifestyle. Pure tea is integrated into life and light drinking is used to heal life.
  • Yunnan Satellite TV: "Puer Tea-Time Is Singing"

    The five-episode documentary series "Pu'er Tea-Time Is Singing" produced by Yunnan Radio and Television International Channel aired the first episode "Tea Away" at Yunnan Satellite TV at 22:58 last night.
  • The price of Pu'er tea has increased nearly 1,000 times in the past 20 years. This year, a cliff-like decline has occurred?

    If you have to discuss the reason, the market is too crazy, and the phrase "thinness is precious" is a perfect expression of the old class chapter. A good Pu'er tea must be made from hundreds of years old trees. .
  • Sudden news broke out in Pu'er tea industry, industry storm is about to blow

    Pu'er tea is messy, because there is no standard for Pu'er tea. However, just now, the standardization of the Pu'er tea industry has finally arrived.
  • Pu'er, Yunnan: Ten Standards Promote Standardized Management of Pu'er Tea

    On the 12th, a press conference on Pu'er tea ten standards and brand building was held in Kunming. The release of the ten standards of Pu'er tea indicates that the development of the Pu'er tea system that is systematic, advanced and high-ranking in Pu'er City has taken the lead in the country and the province.
  • Pu'er tea industry maintains healthy and orderly development

    Since its establishment in March 2019, the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has exerted the overall effect of institutional reforms, strengthened the integration of supervision concepts, supervision work, and supervision teams. Puer tea organic certification, Pu'er tea geographical indication products, and Pu'er tea standard system have achieved outstanding results eye...
  • Pushing 4 more famous brands, Pu'er Mingshan Pu'er tea enterprise integrity alliance develops in depth

    Through the standardization of the ancient tea mountain brand as a demonstration and drive, to promote the rest of the city's ancient tea mountain, organic tea gardens and ecological tea garden brand building work, and continuously improve consumers' recognition of Puer regional brands and corporate brands, and let consumers rest assured ...
  • Press conference on ten standards of Pu'er tea and brand building in Pu'er

    We held a press conference on ten standards of Pu'er tea and brand building in Pu'er. Inviting the Yunnan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration and the Pu'er Municipal People's Government and other departments to let more people pay attention to the construction of Pu'er tea standards and brand building, and the development of the Pu'er tea industry.
  • Have you heard of "face recognition" for Pu'er tea?

    Whether from the perspective of daily consumption or collection, achieving "source traceability and destination traceability", the "traceable quality and responsibility" of each piece of tea is becoming a very important topic for Pu'er tea consumers.
  • Pu'er tea in 2019 can only be described as "glory"

    2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. This year, there is no "memory" for Pu'er tea to memorize. If you use a keyword to summarize the year of Pu'er tea, it should be "Glory 2019".
  • Planting new tea gardens is a long-term good strategy for sustainable development

    No matter how old your Pu'er tea is, "Iceland" is a famous mountain Pu'er tea that has been labeled "mysterious", "precious", "high price", "excellent", "rare" and "benchmark". You must have heard of it before.
  • Pu'er tea opening conference will be held

    From January 4th to 5th, the opening ceremony of Pu'er Tea will be held in China Financial Information Center and Puyuetaihui Living Culture Park. This will be a grand event to promote Chinese tea culture.
  • Dayi's first year of 2020 zodiac tea Taobao live broadcast sold out in one second

    On the New Year's Eve of 2019, in the first “Tai Yi Night” Taobao live broadcast event created by Dayi and Tmall for the first time, Dayi Group's 2020 Year of the Rat Zodiac Commemorative Tea “Tongtianfudi” Tmall was launched globally. Sold out in seconds.
  • [Year-end inventory] In 2019, what events in the tea world did you not know?

    Therefore, the inventory of the "2019 major tea events of the year" was released. This is a review of the annual prosperity of the industry by Hongpu, and it is also a year of recording our collective harvest.
  • Pu'er, Yunnan: Blockchain electronic invoices achieve full industry coverage

    On December 30, the Puer City Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation held the Puer City Blockchain Electronic Invoice Launching Ceremony, and the Puer Tea, Tourism, Transportation, and Accommodation Blockchain electronic invoices were issued on the spot.
  • Yunnan Pu'er issued the first Pu'er tea blockchain electronic invoice

    It is understood that at the first "Digital Yunnan" Blockchain International Forum held on July 20, 2019, Yunnan Province issued the first blockchain electronic title invoice with the Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot as a pilot.
  • Blockchain fake Pu'er has nowhere to be found on "tea face recognition" "chain"

    December 30th (Long Zhangyu), a Taiwanese tea costing only 20 yuan per kilogram, if it is copied into a popular tea of a large brand, the profit can exceed 10 times; if it is copied into an ancient tree tea, the profit will exceed 100 times.
  • Top 10 keywords for Pu'er tea market in 2019

    In the year of 2019, the Pu'er tea market has had many "big moves" in reform. Whether it is around the healthy development of the market, the promotion of tea culture, the protection of ancient tree resources, and the formulation of tea standards, this year is doomed to be an extraordinary year.