Pu'er Tea Lianliankan List
  • How can tea companies create classic products that carry handles?

    Among the many brands that span the century, there are many classic products that are "especially able to carry". What methods and logic behind these classic products are worth learning and learning from tea companies?
  • Medium Tea Reserve Excavation

    The prices of medium-term tea from 2006 have already reflected the value of the tea, and the overall price is relatively high. Therefore, to underestimate the tea, it is recommended to start from the year that is preparing to enter the ranks of the medium-term tea, and find teas that meet three conditions.
  • Raw material warehouse: Dinghai Shenzhen of Pu'er tea brand economy

    The finished product of Pu'er tea can be distinguished from Mao tea by a small amount or by a large difference, so resource pricing can be made-collecting tea, simply pressing cakes. You can also use technical deep processing and brand pricing.
  • Lao Bao said tea: Why are there few ancient tea trees near Gourmet?

    Both Ninglang and Simao are very suitable for the growth of tea trees, but did not grow tea in ancient times?
  • Daming Mountain: Pu'er Tea's Crutches to Transform from Landlord Economy to Brand Economy

    The development of the famous camellia area has the duality of resource and technology pricing. Damingshan is mainly composed of large blends of alcohol and cooked tea. It is a deep technical process of raw materials. On the one hand, it is a resource and on the other hand it is technology-led ...
  • Return to work today! In the new year, Pu'er Tea Net will work hard with you!

    Return to work today! In the new year, Pu'er Tea Net will work hard with you! The Spring Festival holiday of 2020 has ended. Pu'er Tea.com will resume normal working arrangements from February 10, 2020 (Mon.), and the information content of Puer Tea.com's website and WeChat will be updated and updated ...
  • I came home after the Chinese New Year and found out that what kind of tea is really important

    When tasting, you must understand not only tea but also water. Scientific understanding of the effect of water on tea soup is particularly important.
  • Pu'er Tea's Mad Times

    From 2000 to 2008, Puchayu entered the era of madness.
  • The stage of Pu'er tea's diversification and return to rational development

    Puer tea “Mid-term tea” became popular after 2017. In 2018, it was called “Mid-year tea first year”. “Save new tea and drink medium-term tea” will become the general trend of Puer tea in the future.
  • Tea terminal consumption has gradually become mainstream, and dealers and tea companies should empower each other

    With the growing popularity of the tea market, both tea companies and distributors have begun to re-examine their relationship and re-examine the expansion of tea terminals.
  • What magic weapon can you use to make tea online

    2020 is a crucial year for every tea company and every tea person. A good start is half the battle. For every anxious enterprise manager, open the webpage quickly, search for "Dingding Manual", and send it to your employees.
  • The sea is flowing, Fang Xian's true character

    Tea circles are currently generally anxious. The tea market is postponed. Is it good to sell tea after the market opens? Everyone is playing drums, and some people even plan to talk about it calmly. For the current market environment, it is not advisable to change constantly or wait, ...
  • Pu'er tea development trend: from investment-driven collection to consumption-driven consumption

    The investment collection market has always been considered as one of the mainstream markets for Pu'er tea consumption, but with the upgrading of the Pu'er tea industry and the market's rationalization, the development of Pu'er tea will no longer rely on the investment collection market as the main force.
  • How to understand Yi Wu without the source?

    Ban Zhang is King, Yi Wu is Queen! Rain forest is easy to martial arts, ancient trees in Zhengshan! How to understand Yi Wu without the source?
  • The "Mahjong Economics" of Pu'er Tea

    Why is nurturing factor markets important? This is because many tea companies are ostensibly unsuccessful in marketing. In fact, the more fundamental problem is that the production factors have not been optimized.
  • The Pu'er tea market is bound to change in 2020, and early preparation is the king

    The Pu'er tea market in 2020 is bound to be non-trivial, and the impact of pneumonia on the market lies not in the present but in the future. An important consumption channel of Pu'er tea is the service industry. The service industry will be under pressure in the next one or two months, and Pu'er tea will also be affected.
  • Classics in Pu'er Tea: Chinese Cabbage

    More than ten years ago, when the Banzhang Dabai cuisine and Peacock series first appeared, the cost of raw materials was much higher than other major tea products on the market, and the retail price was several times higher than other tea products.
  • New country tea basic plate: based on agriculture, rural areas, farmers, three industries, and activation of three major markets

    The basic pattern of China's tea industry: based on agriculture, rural areas, agriculture, and farmers, empowering the three industries (agriculture, industry, and service), and activating the three major markets (commodity markets, factor markets, and thought markets).
  • With all one's heart, Pu'er Tea Net will fight the "epidemic" with you!

    After the storm, there will be a beautiful rainbow. Here, Pu'er Tea Net also reminds everyone to wear masks and wash their hands frequently to avoid places where people gather. Come on in China, come on in the tea industry, let us work together!