Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020

Pu'er tea is as "South" as the country this year, and in a "too difficult" mourning, it is still moving forward.
In April, the tea area was too "south", and in the spring the tea mountain suffered a severe drought. The output of spring tea plummeted by more than 40%, and the price of wool increased slightly. Only in late May did sporadic light rain begin in some areas. Tea farmers worry about picking, tea merchants worry about selling.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
In May, the tea tree was too "south". Governor Ruan Chengfa investigated Xishuangbanna, went deep into the old Banzhang, He Kai, and Song Song, and looked at the destroyed ancient tea gardens and ancient tea trees. The governor emphasized that the ancient tea resources should be resolutely protected and further promote the cloud. The tea industry is getting bigger and stronger.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
In July, the Department of Natural Resources of Yunnan Province, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Provincial Forestry Bureau and the Grassland Bureau jointly issued the strictest plan, and jointly issued "On the Protection of Ancient Tea Mountain and Ancient Tea" to protect the ancient tea tree resources of the ancient tea mountain.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
In September, the tea company was too "South", the first share of Pu'er Tea Longrun Tea was forcibly delisted. The stock price of Longrun Tea was fixed at HK $ 0.38. In 10 years, it has been a wake-up call for the entire industry from the listing of the scenery to the sad departure. Changming.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
In November, Dayi's "Canghai" caused everyone to besiege. It may take a lifetime to save the universe if you want to grab a piece of tea. Dayi Tmall's double eleventh day revenue of 156 million, Pu'er tea's overall trading index of 4545800, far surpassing black tea and green tea, sitting firmly in the top spot in the tea industry; live broadcast of the tea industry, anchors ranked buy and buy!
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
Also in November, CCTV reported the incident of tea plantation destruction in state-owned forests, which aroused public attention and heated discussion.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
In December, the right to pick the Icelandic King of Tea was 990,000 yuan in 2020.
At the beginning of 2019, the tea industry revival did a period of outlook for Pu'er tea in 2019: Will Puer tea be better in 2019? Do you have an answer to this question? We interviewed some insiders and talked to them about the past 2019 and 2020.
Looking back at 2019: lively, lively, deserted, deserted, big waves, sands, 18 years, especially 19, a lot of new people, I have been making tea for more than ten years, but now many young people come into this industry this year, year by year, year The tail is dead, and the face is closed without even seeing an acquaintance. This year is particularly frequent.
The price of Erhai tea is generally high, and teas in other areas are being tapped. Too high a price is not conducive to the development of the industry, although we also need hot spots.
Looking forward to 2020: The recession this year, but it is estimated that the old trees will not be cheap and the price will continue to rise. Medium-quality teas of average quality may be better made, and consumption will be more rational, because everyone does not have much money, but the demand for tea is still there. I think that some live broadcasts of tea selling tea this way will slowly die, because most of you are still rational, this pure show does not have much value in itself.
Anonymous Tea Merchant B
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
Looking back at 2019: We mainly make old tea, and do not have any mass goods, so the better to sell is 4 to 5 years of tea. This year's tea will not be much more expensive than new tea. Now the price of new tea is also very high. Like Lincang tea. I only make tea from Erhai Lake. With history, many people still think old tea is delicious. Now that new tea is not cheap, it is good to buy old tea with a little money.
I did n’t even sell a thousand yuan of tea in the tea city this year. The retail is not very good. It is mainly the orders of old customers. What kind of goods do I look for? Then I will send them a few samples. Depress. I have limited funds here, some people need cakes, some people want bricks, so I always order tea, the other party thinks this material can be pressed again. Erhai I go about once every 2 years, mainly for people in the middle to help.
Looking forward to 2020: The price of 2020 is not yet known. If the price is not high, you can continue to purchase and store.
Looking back on 2019: "difficult", not as good as in previous years, when wholesale, many people halved the cost of pressing the goods, which is relatively high. Different places have different preferences. Beishang Guangsheng Tea can still buy cooked tea. Recently, Dragon Ball Tea has been popular, and its sales have been similar to traditional cake tea. At the same time, triangle bag tea is also sold well in the office crowd market.
Looking forward to 2020: E-commerce should take more of the main part, and quickness and convenience are more important.
Tianhe Tea Factory
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
Looking back at 2019: "Chaos", although the passenger flow is less than in previous years, there are not so many people visiting the tea city, but there are more precise customers, and Pu'er Tea is still very confused. Some people laugh and some cry. There is no standard. Products with a single name are strange, and consumers don't have much confidence. Prices are also confusing.
Looking forward to 2020: Almost everyone says that this year's business is not good. In fact, many people have done a good job. Spring tea and autumn tea are also booked. Waiting for when spring tea cannot be sold and autumn tea is not picked is true. Winter.
Yunnan Tablets
Looking back on 2019: "Expensive", we believe that the high-end part of sales is now stable. Although the general environment is not very good, the amount of mountain tea is small, the supply exceeds demand, the demand is large, and the price is still rising. The pursuit of high-end cooked tea in the cooked tea market this year is also a phenomenon. The high-end cooked tea in Iceland, Xigui, and Banzhang has gone well, and everyone is doing it.
Looking ahead to 2020: It may be more difficult than this year, but the impact will not be great. We have added a lot of single items this year compared to last year because each item is very small, and we must ensure that the distributors can get it. There is a total of 670 pieces of tea this year, and it will soon be out of stock. Good tea is still very popular in the high-end market of Shantou, and it is not worried about its sales.
Yuntong Tea House
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
Looking back on 2019: If I describe 2019, it is the word "high pressure". Dealers are very difficult to recruit now. Everyone is buying very rationally, and the amount is very small. Many dealers now purchase items one by one. Without a large amount of purchases, customers also take one by one. This year's white tea trend I feel very good, I mainly do consumer, white tea currently has no benchmark in the market, Pu'er competition is particularly fierce.
Looking forward to 2020: I am making tea for the first year. I think the trend in 2020 is still favorable. I mainly make it market-oriented, but with more guidance, guests can drink as much as they like. Comfort is the most important, quality and value.
Looking back on 2019: This year is the 7th year of the Jeep. In the past, we often heard of 7 years of itching. In fact, it is the kind of itch in the relationship from familiar to gradually flat.
Is the Jeep itchy? Have! In terms of e-commerce, we have gone 7 years. We have been improving year by year in terms of team, product, and strategy. This year we have reached a point of "itch" with growth but a slight slowdown. In terms of channels, it is our third year, and we are gradually working on the stability of the old business to actively explore the "itch" points of the new business.
Speaking of itch, it is actually a state between pain and coolness. It seems more appropriate to use dynamic "change" to describe it.
7 years is the "itch" point, and it is a new starting point.
Looking forward to 2020: the development of many cooperation channels and changes in business models will be our strategic focus next year. At the same time, the stability and improvement in the product and service level are also our internal hard indicators. Let the outside world change more violently, only when the tide recedes, the real value will gradually emerge.
Fuhai Tea Factory
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
How to look at 2019: industry competition is intensifying and consumption growth is normalizing. Industry competition is diversifying from focusing on investment, high-end, and low-cost singularization. Enterprise operations are gradually rational, and energy is invested in its own advantages and core consumer groups / markets. Various companies have grasped the essence of the industry logic and exerted their own advantages (investment attributes companies consolidate the market through superior products, consumer companies improve quality, reduce price and gain share, and personalized segmented brands still maintain their own characteristics). The Puer tea industry's competition pattern is taking place Variety.
New retail, high-end positioning, callback to new groups to obtain rapid growth in corporate volume through heavy investment in advertising, traditional tea companies to assist dealers to build groups, distribution channels, and steadily solidify operating systems have become a consensus. The understanding is more rational. The resources of the traditional tea industry are concentrated towards brands and companies with market enthusiasm, and they are intensively cultivated in the northern and second- and third-tier markets. The promotion of resources continues, and the market has achieved great results.
System construction companies have begun to make efforts, and e-commerce has entered the era of content, innovation, and system operation: the pressure of middle-aged and old-time tea stocks and the lack of operating system support for enterprise operations has become increasingly difficult, and e-commerce opportunistic business methods have gradually been lost. .
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
Looking ahead to 2020: The investment of new markets and new people requires marketing costs. Advantageous companies will amplify their own advantages. At the same time, “like the United States launched a trade war” to seize the market of vulnerable enterprises, and the pressure on SMEs ’competition and development will increase. Industry differentiation has further intensified, and companies with operational capabilities have demonstrated a stronger competitive advantage. There will be the rise of several powerful companies in the changing situation.
The industry returns to drinking and quality attributes. In 2019, Pu'er tea consumption capacity will increase, and the market will not have much fluctuation. Operators and consumers will be more rational. The "profiteering and opportunistic" growth will gradually disappear, and the system will return to the traditional origin Become a new driver of growth. The cost of raw materials, supply prices, and market inventory will not change much in 2019.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
In 2019, there is another important keyword, which is "degradation of consumption". Faced with the ups and downs of the market, many people are talking about downgrades. When people are used to the dividends brought by 10% growth, they naturally feel that the economic growth rate of 6% is too low and too slow, so they think that the cold winter is coming. In the future, a 3% growth rate may be more sustainable.
Pu'er tea is too "southern" in 2019, and where will it go in 2020
This year, there were many companies in decline, but at the same time there were many tea companies around us. This year, the development was still rapid. We think that the simple summary is that consumption degradation is incomplete, and we are more willing to understand this round of changes as: a metabolism that the tea industry is completing.
This is a huge metabolism, because the tea companies that adhere to the old model find that the model that once supported their growth is no longer feasible; because the merchants find that consumers are more and more discerning about not saving tea, they must think more Consumers; also because tea companies actively expanding new channels and new content feel the dividends brought by consumer products in this wave. In the past, buying tea was introduced by an acquaintance and explained by a tea artist. Now we can buy a box of dragon balls by brushing WeChat and Douyin. The consumption process has changed from the original information asymmetry to the information being pulled. Culture.
This time the metabolism belongs to the era of consumption. According to the 2019 Chinese consumer market report, Ali's fiscal year 2019 has increased by more than 120 billion yuan in the original huge scale. In the troika driving the national economy, the contribution of consumption to economic growth reached 76.2%.
In order to survive in this metabolism, tea companies must make raw materials and tea making processes more standard, increase the frequency of consumption, and product concepts must keep up with this era of rapid innovation and change. The product looks attractive, the quality can stand the test, and the brand culture is in line with current claims. Pu'er tea is not an exception for consumer products.
This era may be a better era than the era when it could be sold as long as it is a cake.
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