Pu'er Tea News List
  • [2019 Annual News] Pu'er Tea Industry Key News Highlights (Part 2)

    In early 2020, Puer Tea Network (coxcept.com) took stock of the more popular news of Puer tea industry in 2019 for your reference.
  • [Weekly reading] January 1-January 5

    2020 has arrived. Let's take a look at this week's tea information. For more details, please click the link and title in the article.
  • [2019 Annual News] Summary of Hot News of Pu'er Tea Industry (Part 1)

    2019 is an extraordinary year for the Pu'er tea industry. Under the downward economic environment of the industry, the disadvantages and problems of market norms have been further amplified. At the same time, it has forced the industry to adjust and optimize itself, which has led to many new changes and new measures ...
  • Insights on the development trend of high-end Pu'er cooked tea in China in 2019

    The concept of "drinking cooked tea, Tibetan raw tea, and tasting old tea" is deeply rooted in people's minds, and especially "drinking cooked tea" is the first to bear it. It is foreseeable that with the escalation of Chinese consumption, the domestic market will usher in the spring of high-end Pu'er cooked tea.
  • Summary of Pu'er Tea News in December

    Summary of Pu'er Tea News in December.
  • [One-week reading] December 16-December 22

    How will Puer tea tree develop in the future? How should tea companies become bigger? How should physical stores build popularity? How to inherit classic products? Wait for these questions to be shared in the following articles.
  • First "tea face recognition"

    Jingdong Digital Technology Group officially released the Pu'er Tea blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform in Yuxi, Yunnan. For the first time in the industry, AI and blockchain technology were combined to match the unique pattern feature records of Pu'er tea cakes with digital "identity cards."
  • [One-week reading] December 9-December 15

    Recently, the theme activity “Pu'er Youpin Double Twelve Network Red E-commerce Consumer Poverty Alleviation” opened in Pu'er, Yunnan. And the Yunnan tea government traces the blockchain technology to the Yunnan provincial government, attaches great importance to authorizing Pu'er City as the cloud tea traceability blockchain technology application pilot.
  • [Weekly reading] December 1st-December 8th

    Pu'er tea is the top priority of the cloud tea industry. The launch of the cloud tea big data center is conducive to the healthy development of the Pu'er tea industry and the entire cloud tea industry.
  • Summary of Pu'er Tea News in November

    November is the annual e-commerce carnival month, and it is also the time when tea shops, businesses and consumers pay close attention to Pu'er tea. Since the beginning of the month, the topic of Pu'er tea has been high.
  • Pu'er tea out of the "ecological curse" early

    State-owned forests are popular because of their taste, their scarcity, and their ecology. The taste varies from person to person, and there is a lot of scarce tea, and ecology has become a "killer" that is not disadvantageous.
  • Yunnan tea industry should cherish its reputation, please start by saying no to state-owned forests.

    "CCTV Finance" recently exposed the chaos behind Yunnan's state-owned Lin Pu'er tea. Villagers not only went to state-owned forests and even nature reserves to pick tea, but also cultivated tea in the protected areas. For the tea tree to grow well, I tried to toss the big tree in the virgin forest to death.
  • "Economic Half an Hour" Yunnan's state-owned forest ancient tree tea does not reduce the local villagers destroy the forest to plant tea

    Tea farmers told reporters that at first this tea plantation was a forest in a protected area, but some ancient tea trees were scattered in the forest. In recent years, as the price of Pu'er tea has risen, the original ancient tea trees have suddenly become a hot "golden leaf" ".
  • Polish the "Pu'er Tea" gold signboard to help Jingmaishan tea forest cultural landscape application

    On November 23, 2019, "Helping Pu'er Jingmai Mountain Tea Forest Cultural Landscape Heritage and Pu'er Tea Health China Dialogue" was held in Beijing. Delegates from the government, enterprises and research institutes interpreted and popularized Pu'er tea culture in order to protect the ancient tea forest of Jingmai Mountain ...
  • [One-week reading] November 18-November 24

    Opinions of the People's Government of Yunnan Province on Promoting the Green Development of the Cloud Tea Industry, Pu'er City will accelerate the construction of the blockchain traceability platform, and hope that everyone will actively participate in the Puer tea traceability platform to achieve the traceability of each cake tea ...
  • [One-week reading] November 11-November 17

    On the double eleventh of this year, Pu'er tea reached a new high and had to lament the position of the e-commerce platform in the retail market. Why is the price of Pu'er tea always rising, because it is an antique that can be drunk, the more it ages ...
  • [Weekly reading] November 1st-November 10th

    Dayi tea is indispensable in the Pu'er tea market, and recently a little lively new tea belongs to the sea. The blue bird in Paris Miaoyun is a little less optimistic, but the future market is unpredictable. Whether the sea can fly all the way, it is time.
  • Pu'er tea October news summary

    What are the Pu'er tea information worth seeing in October? Let's take a look together! For more details, please click the link and title in the article.
  • [One-week reading] October 14-October 20

    The topic of Pu'er tea is indispensable for the market, mid-term tea, collection, etc., and the recent launch of Paris's wonderful rhyme in Dayi, which is also a heavy memorial tea created by Sino-French cultural exchange. What will happen to the market of this blue bird ...