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Mid-term tea is also a hot topic in Pu'er tea circle. At the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair, the sixth China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The big link was the keynote speech. The three big guests and guests explained the value of "medium tea consumption" from four dimensions. The guests benefited from discussing the value and consumption trends of middle-aged and old-fashioned tea at the scene.
Then, how will Puer tea tree develop in the future? How should tea companies become bigger? How should physical stores build popularity? How to inherit classic products? Wait for these questions to be shared in the following articles.
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On December 14, organized by Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haochacang Investment Development Co., Ltd., 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo Organizing Committee, Xingcha Media The sixth China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).
At the 6th China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum, guests focused on Pu'er tea storage, focusing on the value of tea in the medium term, and extended discussions on product forms and consumption scenarios, as well as the evolution and innovation of consumption methods, to make Pu'er tea real. The value of consumption has become the real "chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar 'tea'".
Pu'er has the title of "World Tea Source, China Tea City, Pu'er Tea Capital". It is the center of the world's tea tree origin and Pu'er tea's origin. There are many varieties of tea trees in Pu'er City, and there are many famous tea mountains, such as Fenghuang Mountain, Wuliang Mountain and Jingmai Mountain. In order to integrate tea tree resources, good quality transformation of old tea trees is needed, which is called "tea tree high branch grafting".
In 2020, the annual Chinese word in tea industry-decomposition. Information decomposition and channel decomposition, combining two swords, all in ...
The key to channel decomposition is that there are enough integration points to reduce two batches and a batch of terminals for direct supply to tea shops. The goods decomposed to the point must be carefully matched, and the platform must be digitalized to decompose and distribute. Tea companies or platforms directly provide digital tea shops, or directly provide digital members. Intermediaries are transformed into service providers. They no longer rely on the difference to make money, but rely on professional services to make money. This may be the trend of the digital service era in the tea industry channel!
The e-commerce platform is getting hotter, but the physical store business is booming. Pessimism is spreading in the market. What's more, the sellers who cancel the lease only keep a warehouse, sell tea through the e-commerce platform, and do acquaintance business through the circle of friends.
Under the tide of the Internet, can't physical stores really do it? The answer is obviously no. Internet traffic is not an online patent. If done properly, it can become the largest resource for a physical store.
There is always a suitable reason for liking classic products. The taste characteristics of classic products are the key to their inheritance. So to upgrade, in fact, the upgrade is taste. The intensity of Shengjin Huigan, the richness of tobacco incense, the coordination of tea and so on. Once the upgrade is successful, these classic products will inevitably lead a new round of market conditions.
The Pu'er tea market without Guanjia and Guante is incomplete. When Guanjia's upgraded version and Guante's upgraded version can appear in the market, this is what everyone will like.
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