Summary of Pu'er Tea News in December

Time flies, unwittingly entering the last month of 2019. Compared with November and the episode of Puer tea in December, the Puer tea industry in December appears calmer. Even the Icelandic tea king tree 990,000 transaction picking right event in 2020, it is difficult to trigger the past "one stone stirs up thousands of waves. "effect.
Throughout December, the industry began to sort out the keywords of the Pu'er tea market in 2019, summarize and construct the existing problems in the current industry segmentation areas-warehousing, tea traceability, investment collection, etc., and also began to prepare for the upcoming 2020 New prospects and new goals were launched in Yunnan, such as the "Opinions" issued by Yunnan, to make the specialty breeding industry bigger and stronger, to build an "8 + N" agricultural industry system, and to build 20 "one county, one industry" by 2020 with high quality "Demonstration counties, 20" one county, one industry "characteristic counties, and more than 3,000" one village, one product "professional villages; For example, in response to the future upgrade of the Chinese tea industry, propose solutions to innovation, brand communication, supply chain organization, and channel efficiency New thoughts on five major issues related to supporting services in related industries, and constructive suggestions on how to develop Puer tea trees in the first year of the 2020 ancient tree tea reform ...
Coinciding with the time to leave the old and welcome the new, let's take a look at what's worth seeing in the Pu'er tea industry in December! For more details, please click the link and title in the article.
According to the "Opinions", Yunnan should make large-scale and strong characteristic breeding. Efforts will be made to build an "8 + N" agricultural industry system. By 2020, 20 "one county, one industry" demonstration counties, 20 "one county, one industry" characteristic counties, and more than 3,000 "one village, one product" professional villages will be built.
Tea industry: Focus on the construction of ancient tea trees, organic tea bases, leading enterprises and famous tea estates, Pu'er tea traceability system, Pu'er tea geographical indications, cultivation of tea brand names, and the entire tea industry chain. By 2020, 2025 (below) (Same) The comprehensive output value reached 100 billion yuan and 140 billion yuan respectively.
At the 2019 Global Technology Explorer Conference held recently, Jingdong Digital Technology Group released the latest application of blockchain technology in Puer tea traceability, which can solve the three major difficulties of traceability of tea cakes, anti-counterfeiting and data tampering.
In the traceability of Pu'er tea, Jingdong Mathematics has introduced image recognition and matching algorithms based on the characteristics of Pu'er tea, combining AI and blockchain.
On December 14, organized by Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haochacang Investment Development Co., Ltd., 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo Organizing Committee, Xingcha Media The sixth China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).
At the 6th China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum, guests focused on Pu'er tea storage, focusing on the value of tea in the medium term, and extended discussions on product forms and consumption scenarios, as well as the evolution and innovation of consumption methods, to make Pu'er tea real. The value of consumption has become a real "chaimi rice salt and vinegar 'tea'".
In recent years, Nanxun County has built on the advantages of "alpine, ecology, and pure land". In the development process, it has adopted ecological protection and industrialization, industrialized development, and realized the integration of three industries and multi-industry. Tea in the forest, the alpine ecological tea garden accompanied by the tea forest. A piece of forest and a piece of tea are gradually formed, and each piece is a beautiful tea garden with ecological tea.
In 2019, Nanxun County formulated and issued the "Implementation Opinions of Nanxun County on Creating Green Food to Promote the Development of the Tea Industry in One County and One Industry", taking the path of green development and integration of three industries as the path, according to "one county, one industry" Model, build organic tea gardens, and promote the green development of the county's tea industry.
During the year of 2019, there have been many "big moves" in the Pu'er tea market. Whether it is around the healthy development of the market, the promotion of tea culture, the protection of ancient tree resources, and the formulation of tea standards, this year is doomed to be an extraordinary year.
Looking back at 2019, the rapid development of Pu'er tea, the sinking innovation, and some controversial topics also emerged, which drew enthusiastic response from the tea circle. Let's take a look at the top ten keywords for Pu'er tea market in 2019.
The ultimate model of the Chinese tea industry is the channel model. Regardless of tradition or innovation, it is ultimately through the narrow door of the channel that it can be introduced to the consumer ’s city of God. The road to paradise is long and the door is narrow ... The channel constitutes a hard constraint on brand tea companies. Who can untie this constraint can increase sales at an energy level ...
Pu'er tea, as an antique to drink, has certain financial attributes. As the leader of the Pu'er tea industry, Dayi tea naturally becomes a representative of antiques that can be drunk. Then, if Pu'er tea, which is Dayi tea, is used as an investment object, it is necessary to understand the difference between Dayi tea and other products with investment value. Here we will list them for you.
   China's tea industry needs a super business format in the first-tier cities-the tea merchant complex base.
   This future-oriented super format focuses on the four major tracks of the Chinese tea industry-traditional tea, fast-moving tea, big health tea, and new tea drinks. The consumer-end logic opens up the entire industry chain vertically, and establishes tea farmers, tea companies, and tea suppliers. Supporting service providers' shared ecosystem, based on business and service industries, providing scientific and technological innovation, cultural creativity, new industrialization, commerce, finance, talent, standardized services, internationalization, brand incubation, production and sales docking, digitalization, public welfare, education and training , Quality inspection, market access and other solutions, integrating innovation incubation and proliferation base, one-stop professional service base, talent, capital and other factor market bases, raw materials, brand authentic and middle-aged and old tea storage and trading bases, tea supermarkets, brands Collective stores, brand flagship stores, brand specialty stores, integrated consumer scene counters, e-commerce, trading platforms, live streaming, short video and other mainstream channel models, as well as innovative experimental channel models such as digital and 5G, are dedicated to the Chinese tea industry. Upgrade, address innovation, brand communication, supply chain organization, channel efficiency and related industry allocation Five service problems.
In 2019, there was a phenomenon in the Pu'er tea market: an ancient tree tea without cost-effectiveness and unable to prove its ancestry cannot be sold at all. This demand directly points to two sticking points of the ancient tree tea market today: 1. The price of Maocha is too high. 2. The tea-makers are mixed with dragons and snakes.
Pu'er has the title of "World Tea Source, Chinese Tea City, Pu'er Tea Capital", is the center of the world's tea tree origin, and is also the origin of Pu'er tea. There are many varieties of tea trees in Pu'er City, and there are many famous tea mountains, such as Fenghuang Mountain, Wuliang Mountain and Jingmai Mountain. In order to integrate tea tree resources, good quality transformation of old tea trees is needed, which is called "tea tree high branch grafting".
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