[2019 Annual News] Summary of Hot News of Pu'er Tea Industry (Part 1)

2019 is an extraordinary year for the Pu'er tea industry. Under the downward economic environment of the industry, the disadvantages and problems of market norms have been further amplified. At the same time, it has forced the industry to adjust and optimize itself, which has led to many new changes and new measures ...
Over the past year, sky-high Icelandic tea is still a hot topic, and there was a stone that caused a thousand-layer wave. However, compared to previous years, the hype of most famous mountain villages has been much lower-key. Such models as speculation on the tea mountain "di king" and speculation "high price tea" are no longer the mainstream of the market, and the price of mountain tea has begun to be transparent. Scarce bidding for the transfer of existing ancient tree resources to large-scale incremental industries has also become a trend.
With the establishment of industry alliances, the government, industry, and market have successively implemented a series of adjustment measures to promote the continuous optimization and development of the industry. At the same time, the rational concept of mass-drinking consumption is gradually returning, and ration teas with fast-moving, cost-effective, and portable characteristics are favored by consumers; and medium-term teas with better taste, higher collection value, and deeper historical heritage are also popular. It began to rise slowly, which forced the Puer tea industry's warehousing system to continuously improve and iteratively update.
Challenges are opportunities, and change is growth! Since the beginning of 2020, Puer Tea Network (coxcept.com) has taken stock of some of the hot news of Pu'er tea industry in 2019 for your reference. Details are as follows:
In 2018, the Yunnan tea industry closely focused on the deployment of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to create a world-class "green food brand", fully implemented the spirit of the "Opinions on Promoting the Green Development of the Yunnan Tea Industry", and cultivated "100 billion clouds" "Tea industry" as the goal, strengthen policy guidance, based on transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, innovation and development; adhere to area stabilization, quality, brand, strong standards, market expansion, and promote circulation; focus on the construction of ecological, green, organic tea gardens; Highlight the public qualities of "Pu'er Tea" and "Dian Black Tea" in the two regions, not only adhere to the traditional processing technology, but also comply with market requirements, produce new tea products that meet consumer needs, and make good cloud tea "green tea, organic tea, healthy tea" Brand to promote the healthy development of the cloud tea industry.
The old kinetic energy of the tea industry is "the inclusive dividend of resources, capital and the market", and now this old kinetic energy is weak in growth, so many people have the impression of "stagflation". The new driving forces for the tea industry are consumption upgrades, restructuring of the industry chain, and talent. Since last year, I have been saying that the future of the tea industry is consumption upgrade. When it comes to downgrading consumption, generally in the field of old kinetic energy, its interests are damaged and its growth is weak. Enterprises must develop in the new era, take the initiative to embrace new kinetic energy, and talk more about consumption upgrades, so as to lead and adapt to the changes in Chinese tea consumption culture.
At the time of spring tea mining in 2019, in the auction process of ancient tree tea, we advocate:
1. Under the premise of heavy protection, moderate and orderly utilization
2. Emphasis on trace management, traceability and fidelity to build a cloud tea integrity system
3. Highlight the advantages of green ecology and promote the healthy development of cloud tea
At the time when a large number of spring teas were harvested and listed, not long ago, the "88,000-day price of an ancient tea tree in the Lincang Iceland tea area was harvested for one year". . Lincang, Yunnan, has a huge tea industry. How should the healthy and sustainable development of the tea industry go? On April 11, Deputy Secretary of the Lincang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhang Zhizheng led a team to visit the Golden Hotline, saying that they would take multiple measures and work together to regulate the tea market and gradually make Lincang tea "real and authentic."
Where is Iceland tea going? Please listen to the most rustic voice of the leader of the Icelandic Laozhai group "Liu"-the price of Icelandic Pu'er tea starts from 2600 yuan to 40,000 yuan; making money is not important, and development is more important than getting rich.
Brother Liu said: Development is more important than getting rich. We should develop what we should protect. We should protect what we protect. We can't break Sun Road and still have to pass down. The little tree to serve can serve, and the old tree should be maintained. Because it is not important to make money, in fact, you are busy making money. If you do n’t maintain it, like picking too much, you will lose money if you lose it, and you wo n’t make money in the future.
The ancient tree tea market must deeply consider a question in 2019, how to compete for scarce bidding for existing ancient tree resources to a large-scale incremental industry, that is, to guide the siphon full of ancient tree tea to the small trees and surrounding lowlands. To transform the potential energy of the ancient tree tea industry into kinetic energy for the development of small trees and the surrounding tea gardens, forming "ancient tree tea → antique tea garden small tree tea → ecological organic Taiwanese tea", and "the famous mountain core production area → the famous mountain main production area → Outer producing areas of famous mountains → Famous mountains drive the surrounding non-famous mountains. That is to say, industrial development moves from the unbalanced siphon stage to the balanced overflow stage. Ancient trees and famous mountains have become the core engines of balanced development. Under its traction, the two cascade development structures are activated to realize the overall Yunnan tea industry. take off……
On April 2nd, the "Innovation Ecology · Leading the Future" China Puer Tea Industry Alliance Inaugural Conference and 2019 First China (Spring) Puer Tea Custom Auction Conference was held in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. The conference was hosted by the Chinese Pu'er Tea Industry Alliance and Yunnan Pu'er Tea Association, hosted by Yunnan Nongken Group Erhai Bajiaoting Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Alibaba Group's Ali Auction, Guangzhou Pu'er Tea Association, and Yunnan Pure Dry Cang Tea Industry.
The mass consumption of Pu'er tea is not a new topic. As early as around 2012, the topic of "puer tea consumption" has emerged and penetrated into corporate marketing activities and product development behavior. Based on 2019, "mass consumption and consumption" is only a short-term business method to deal with new users or should it penetrate into tea brand operations and do top-level design? Why is market opinion calling for the era of consumption of Pu'er tea? Can mass consumption consumption help push the Pu'er tea brand overtaking?
In the final analysis, the mass consumption of Puer tea is not only a consensus in the industry, but also a marketing hotspot, and it is also a consumer pain point. Industry consensus: Production growth and inventory increase, driving the development trend from investment and consumption to consumption and consumption.
Leaving aside the famous mountain villages such as Old Banzhang and Iceland, the prices of Maocha have increased in varying degrees in recent years. Wool tea that could have been received for tens of dollars before has now broken through a hundred dollars, or even a few hundred dollars. The price of wool tea has risen two or three times, and regardless of the increase in the cost of making tea and the cost of sales, the price of finished tea has to rise at least two or three times. Corresponding to puer tea of a few dozen yuan in the past, today's market price must be more than a hundred yuan. This also means that the standards of rations and teas will change accordingly.
Why is medium-term tea a force that cannot be ignored in the future? Think about the current price of Maocha, what ability do you have to hoard and build a warehouse, not to mention the quality is still uncertain, the same price at the same time, you will choose new tea or mid-term tea? The results speak for themselves.
What is the state of medium-term tea? The medium-term tea is a tea product that has been in the market for a certain number of years. If it is not financial tea, it will be consumed tea. If neither is touched, no one will care about it. The reality is so cruel.
To be continued
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