List of market trends
  • Great chat in the Spring Festival: My heart is bright and those things that past return (below)

    My heart is bright that this tea will rise or fall in the later period. If the market breaks out, how much can it reach? It will not be in the secondary market and will develop in the next ten years.
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: 2020 market hot spot "organic traceability"

    In the current Pu'er tea market, more than 99% of Pu'er tea is not traceable. This also means that in the case where the original market is saturated, there is still a blue ocean in the field of organic traceability.
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: where are the non-standard standards for the tea market in the medium term

    The medium-term tea is different from the old tea. In the planned economic years, only a few large state-owned factories were able to produce Pu'er tea. Product types are relatively fixed and product quality is relatively stable, so related product introductions need only be integrated into a book.
  • Great chat during the Spring Festival: My heart is bright and those things that past return (Part 1)

    Recently, the Dayi tea market has experienced severe fluctuations. The combination of rat cake and ancient tree tea has caused a large number of investors to shift the topic to the issue of the combination of Dayi tea and the production area. The rat cake is too hot, and it is precisely in the past two years of Dayi Tea that there is just such a Dayi Tea as a reference ...
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: overcapacity is not a problem;

    Most tea merchants do not see the saturation of the market. The vast majority of them will plan their products for 2015 according to the 2014 market. When the market stops growing, the number of tea merchants will increase, and the problem of excess capacity will follow.
  • Analysis of Pu'er Tea Investment: Where Will the Market Go in the Post 7542 Era

    Looking at the Pu'er tea market in the decade from 2010 to 2020, 7542 as a benchmark is the watershed of Pu'er tea products, in everyone's perception. 7542 is the starting point of mid-to-high-end tea, and the apex of mid-to-low-end tea.
  • Yiye Zhiqiu interprets the future investment pattern of Dayi Tea (Part 2)

    When the new and old times change, it is bound to accompany newcomers and the elimination of the elderly. People are sentimental and the market is ruthless. If you want to travel in Dayi Tea Market to look at your personal abilities, the strong will dominate and the weak will be eliminated.
  • Analysis of Pu'er Tea Investment: Three Illusions of Collecting Pu'er Tea

    Now many new people are beginning to learn old people drinking tea, and in addition to drinking, they should also consider collecting. Many of them have misinterpreted the concept of Pu'er tea collection. The following three errors often appear in newcomers.
  • Yiye Zhiqiu's interpretation of the future investment pattern of Dayi Tea (Part 1)

    When Fangcun + is combined with the big brand ancient tree tea, the entire Dayi tea market will change accordingly. The next question is how new and old investors should learn from each other. How long will the new concept replace the old one? Let's talk about it in the next article.
  • Analysis of Pu'er Tea Investment: Tibetan Tea! A night of riches is luck and a long stream of water is the norm

    Many newcomers tend to set high goals when they are collecting tea. Tibetan tea can't think about getting rich overnight.
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: Only the famous mountain village has no "product" The ancient tree tea market has gone astray

    The Pu'er tea market can't afford to decline now. If we return to 2010, I don't know how many tea makers will go bankrupt. It's not too late to make up for it, and building brands and representative products is a top priority.
  • [2019 Annual News] Summary of Hot News of Pu'er Tea Market

    Let's take a look at what are the hot market trends in Pu'er tea market in 2019! For more details, please click the link and title in the article.
  • Analysis of Pu'er Tea Investment: Technological Progress Must End Poor Quality Tea

    Advances in science and technology will definitely help tea makers to choose good tea, and they will certainly eliminate fraudulent businessmen. The next question is, how far is this day?
  • Analysis of Pu'er Tea Investment: Potential Health Market for Mature Tea and Winter Health

    The cold winter is coming. Old tea lovers like to brew a pot of cooked tea in this season, and then gently pick up the cup, while dissipating the chill in the slowly rising heat. This is the secret that old tea lovers only know, and it is also the biggest enjoyment of Pu'er in winter.
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: did you make money in 2019?

    2019 is a year full of hardships and expectations. In this year, the reputation of the famous mountain villages has further improved, and tea customers have become more discerning. The income of tea farmers has increased to a certain extent, and most of the tea merchants are very anxious.
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: reviewing those stories that have to be told in 2019

    2019 has passed. Although many people are full of sadness and helplessness, they must firmly believe in one thing. If the bad places are corrected, the Pu'er tea market will inevitably usher in a bright future.
  • Tiger Xiao Long Yin, the head of the big zodiac, Tiggo Chengxiang (2)

    001 Tiggo Chengxiang No. 2 and No. 3 cake, this is a product separated from the tiger cake in the secondary market. From the point of view of the product itself, Dayi craftsmanship has always been well-known. The raw materials of No.2 and No.3 cakes are the same as the raw materials of No.1.
  • Pu'er tea rivers and lakes classic confession: farewell to 2019, farewell to prejudice and remorse

    The weather in Guangzhou is still so hot, and the enthusiasm for making money in the tea market is always high. The WeChat group, who knows no fatigue, is staged a story of rising and falling prices of Pu'er tea.
  • Pu'er tea investment analysis: how to develop big brands in the era of famous mountain villages

    At present, the famous mountain villages in the Pu'er tea circle are the mainstream. From the perspective of tasting, the taste represented by Mingshan Ancient Village is the taste of tea lovers for a long time to come.