Pu'er tea rivers and lakes classic confession: farewell to 2019, farewell to prejudice and remorse

When the winter wind sweeps off the last leaf on the tree, when the roaring north wind passes by the window at night, you will suddenly realize that the year has come to an end, the years are silent, the snow falls without trace, and it will be numb to the same year as 2019 Say goodbye, no matter how detailed the plan was made this year, no matter how bold vows were made, no matter what words you used to deceive others, until today, everything will have answers or results, you can never deceive yourself !!
The weather in Guangzhou is still so hot, and the enthusiasm for making money in the tea market is always high. The WeChat group, who knows no fatigue, is staged a story of rising and falling prices of Pu'er tea. The physical store is quiet, there are few road cars in front of the door, the market is very quiet, I do n’t know why, the market of Dayi Tea is always so good! Walking in the streets and alleys of the southern tea market in Fangcun, suddenly there was a feeling that the times were changing. The chaos at the climax of tea frosting many years ago disappeared. Instead, Wechat group auctions and price increases. The tens of thousands of high-priced tea has now become a low-priced tea, instead of a 600,000, 300,000 star tea!
Times have changed and everyone sighs! But where is the change? I ca n’t tell why! Langzhong regrets, thinking deeply with helplessness. In the past two days, many people have come to the restaurant to drink tea and water, and no longer talk about business! I talked about the history of making tea, and what touched me most was three people, who may represent the mentality of tens of thousands of tea people.
(Wind and frost baptism, the sun and the moon alternate. For decades, Pu'er tea brand Dayi Tea has been standing upright and getting stronger!)
General Manager C, General Manager S and General Manager S sat across from me, talking about the years of Pu'er tea and witnessing the prosperity and shame of Pu'er tea. C has been in the market for 15 years. After the Pu'er Tea Storm in 2007. I know deeply the depth of Pu'er tea, and also know the power of Pu'er tea. I once sold all of Tieguanyin to buy Pu'er tea. Once developed, I was trapped, cut meat, and then I was desperate for Pu'er tea. So I switched to Dahongpao and black tea. In recent years, I have seen that the market for Dayi tea has gone from the original one thousand yuan to a few hundred thousand, and even a million one. Shake his head.
L has always been in the market for about 10 years and experienced the crazy market of Dayi Tea from 2013 to 2014. At that time, there were also brands such as Rainforest and Hehechang. He was always the same as C. He went into the market and made early gains. For a lot of money, there were more than 300 ponies in his hand, which he was reluctant to sell. Later, he was reluctant to cut the meat and carried it hard. In the end, it was only 2015, and it was cut. Say to me, I'm so disappointed in Dayi Tea that I don't play anymore. Dayi Tea is not for drinking, but for frying! The result was that he came to the market last year. People encouraged him to buy Dayi tea. He resolutely refused to buy it. Some friends repeatedly did his ideological work and said that he had a lot of money to make. He wavered. But he bought it. I bought more than 60,000, but unfortunately after buying it, the tea did n’t get upset and fell all the way. He was afraid that the market would return in 2014, and he sold it by cutting about 50,000. This year, he was going to read a joke. As a result, I heard that the collection of peacocks had risen to 200,000 pieces. He smoked two packs of cigarettes in the shop a few minutes, and was silent, smirking.
S is always the most fun and only buys cheap Pu'er tea. And firmly not optimistic about Dayi, saying that Dayi tea is too expensive! He also kept blowing that he had tens of millions of funds in his hands, waiting for Dayi Tea to fall. There was a little thing that was stimulated by others. Because he likes to fly other people ’s planes, he always feels that he is rich and amazing. In the past, he was called the so-called "big guy". He promised to sell a piece of Dayi old tea, but the market rose, and he made all kinds of excuses to not give others goods. Looking for him to pick up the goods is a little boy who runs the market. This little boy used to. It depends on the face of S. Generally, S always releases his plane. He does n’t dare. It's very ugly. The most interesting thing is that S is a fart, and the old costume B is rich. The younger brother will tell you 20 Xuanyuan. Can you afford it? I still wear big brothers in front of me. S is always so angry. In the past four years, a piece of Dayi New Tea has not been bought, and its value has been surpassed by the younger brother who ran the market before!
Times are always changing. But many people's ideas have not changed! Prejudice has been buried deep in their minds. They think Dayi Tea is too expensive to be worth the price! When I asked them what they should be worth, they could not help talking about a price of thousands or even hundreds of yuan. I shook my head silently.
Of course, in these four years of Dayi tea market, I see more of their remorse. One is annoyed that Dayi Tea has always been so cattle, but only Dayi Tea has been so cattle; the other is remorse that he did not buy Dayi Tea. As a result, in the past few years, I have seen others' prices soar, but I have not moved forward and eat old this.
In fact, there are many such people in the market. They are all eating old books. In the past, the old tea they bought cheaply increased in value, and they did n’t go through a little bit of effort, so they did n’t realize it. At least happy, but deeply lost.
They have fallen behind, and the era has ruthlessly eliminated them! Although they may have been dazzling figures in the history of Pu'er tea , but because of prejudice, they stopped and stood still and finally withdrew from the stage of the history of the new tea trade of Dayi Tea completely, and screamed when they heard the price of new tea.
The times are constantly improving, and Dayi Tea is constantly changing! In the past, a cup of tea cost a few thousand yuan, and now a cup of tea costs a few thousand yuan. In the past, 100,000 yuan of tea with 84 cakes felt very expensive. Now, there are 600,000, 300,000, 200,000 yuan for 42 cakes. The varieties that were selling well in the past now look dim!
(Each round of market decline is accompanied by a rebirth of Nirvana from Dayi Tea, which has cast its harder brand reputation in the fire!)
Years reincarnation, Avenue to Jane. Maybe in the future, there will be a hundred thousand cups of Dayi tea and a hundred thousand cups of tea. This is not surprising. The wheel of history will definitely go there, without prejudice or jealousy, because everything will be a market. The result of action! Many times, it is not that we dare, but it is because of prejudice that we refuse! Believe in the market, advance with the times, go hand in hand, abandon prejudice, there will still be a broad future!
2020 is coming, it's time to say goodbye to prejudice, it is time to say goodbye to remorse! Keep up with the trend of the times, believe in the future, and believe in Dayi Tea! There must be a brilliant tomorrow!
Editor-in- chief : yunhong
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