[2019 Annual News] Summary of Hot News of Pu'er Tea Market

It can be said that one of the core keywords of the Pu'er tea market in 2019 is-difficult.
Affected by the external environment, the economy of the entire industry continues to decline. Looking at the Pu'er tea market in 2019-industry competition has intensified; the price of tea raw materials has continued to rise; pressure on tea companies' inventory has continued to increase; the impact of traditional physical stores has continued to increase; The product quality at the sales end varies, and the phenomenon of mixed fish and pearls is emerging; there are also well-known tea companies delisting, etc.
But whether in the past industry history or in the present, hardship means opportunity, change and rebirth. Competition and pressure are forcing the industry to continue to trim and advance, the old business ideas are constantly being eliminated, new value logic is constantly emerging, and new industry momentum is constantly being stimulated.
In 2019, tea companies and the entire industry are gradually returning to rationality. This is specifically reflected in the major companies returning to rational operations, grasping the essential logic of the industry, and devoting more of their energy to their own advantages and core consumer markets; the entire industry has returned to tasting, Quality attributes, consumer behavior is more rational, and rapid growth dividends are gradually disappearing. Brand, quality, operation, channels, traffic, five divisions, focus on subdivision, system and return to original operations become the new driving force for industry growth; new models that conform to market development trends and consumer trends such as new retail and live broadcast Carrying goods has become a new round of growth.
Puer Tea Network ( coxcept.com ) has conducted an inventory based on the hot news events, current affairs reports, analysis and comments on the Pu'er market in 2019. In order to be able to walk more robust and calm in the next. Let's take a look at what are the hot market trends in Pu'er tea market in 2019! For more details, please click the link and title in the article.
To carry the value overflow of "Old Tree Tea" and "Famous Mountains", it is necessary to build a strategic fulcrum. The strategic fulcrum for undertaking the value overflow of "Ancient Tree Tea" is undoubtedly "Antique Tea Garden Small Tree Tea". One end connects the ancient tea garden and the other provokes the value of the organic and organic Taiwanese tea.
The undertaking of the "famous mountain" value overflow is the "main producing area". "Iceland Five Villages" and "Banzhang Five Villages" are the main production areas of famous camellia. One end connects the core production areas and the other provokes the value of peripheral production areas, which can be called the waist of the large tea area development strategy. It can be seen that the second half of the development of the ancient tea tree is a "double waist" strategy, with it as the strategic fulcrum, supporting the cascade comprehensive development pattern of the ancient tea tree.
Relying on public brands and scarce resources to price is actually a manifestation of the lack of operating capacity of enterprises. Without pricing power, there is no market right to speak. In the second half of Pu'er Tea, tea companies should pay attention to the core issue of pricing power. Pricing based on the quality of branded goods is the beginning of the establishment of a true right of speech for enterprises ...
Driven by the market of raw materials, Big Tree Tea will gradually attract capital investment. The price of the 2019 class rules and windy village can be the best proof.
The price of raw materials keeps rising, so that the big tree tea market does not need to rely on the hype of the traditional market, and the price can continue to rise. The main reason is that there is a connection mechanism between the products of big tree tea and the price of the mountain. There are higher requirements for value.
After the mature tea undergoes fermenting, the tea becomes more gentle, the taste is more docile, and the aging time is greatly shortened. As long as 3 to 5 years, high-quality aging tea can be obtained, which is in line with most consumers. Demand.
As a result, cooked tea is easier to drink and consume quickly, thereby accelerating the market liquidity, increasing the market space of cooked tea, and creating greater market value. In 2019, after last year's turmoil and silence, the financial attributes of Pu'er tea have gradually weakened, and cooked tea, which is more inclined to take the consumption route and the tasting route, has quietly risen.
Dayi Tea is also a part of asset management. More and more rich people will share some money to invest in Dayi Tea as a long-term investment, and the risks and benefits of new tea are very considerable before 2017. After 2017, with the increase of the factory price of Dayi Tea several times, investing in new tea for three to five years holds the plan to immerse in the plan, the three to five months of new tea overturned over three to five times and overdrawn the profit return space of new tea. Medium and long-term investment in new tea The great opportunity has passed, and the new tea has completely turned into a speculative tool. It is not worth investing in gambling tools, at least until the factory price has not fallen. This is indeed the case.
Among the top ten famous teas, there are not only several dozen yuan of Shimonoseki tea, but also thousands of yuan of Chen Shenghao old class chapter. Two people have very different styles and products with big differences in quality can compete on the same stage. Many people are puzzled. In fact, this is the best reflection of the current Pu'er tea market environment.
The more mature the market, the more it will diversify. The diversified market includes daily consumption and high-end drinks. If Chen Shenghao's old class chapter represents high-end tasting, then 7542, Guan Jia, and Guan Te as the representative tea for daily consumption are appropriate.
The emergence of new consumer populations, new consumption supplies, and new consumption scenarios will prompt scene-based interaction to become consumer demand. In summary, the logic behind the evolution of consumer preferences is exactly the logic that tea companies follow and adapt to build a brand value system. In the final analysis, it is based on the product quality as the origin of value, enhance product power, and then according to the core point of brand promotion (perceptual / Rational), select, sort out, and build a form and channel system of high brand value transmission to form a real big brand effect.
The Pu'er tea market is very liquid. Some brands are eliminated every three to five years, and some brands come to the forefront. Among Pu'er tea investments, choosing small factory teas with potential second- and third-tier brands is the only way to make a fortune.
Many people do not understand the meaning of buying tea from second-tier and third-tier factories, because these small factories are not well-known. Even if the products are cost-effective, it is difficult to become a darling of the market. They can hardly make any money except buying them. This view applies in most cases, but there are always exceptions.
Making tea is a healthy cultural industry. Forcing oneself is always important. Without it, it is like no aura, the promotion cost is large, and it is difficult to produce external amplification effects. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about compelling, but there are different compelling methods at different stages. First of all, the industry is pretending to be aggressive, cutting in at a low cost, and erecting a professional image. Then, out of the tradition of making original leaf tea, forcing the appearance of the tea, reducing the cognitive cost and creating a tea brand with a cognitive foundation. The last step is to force the grid to move up and down, and actively convert the potential energy of the high-end niche market into kinetic energy in the form of dimensional reduction to open the mass consumer market.
Prior to 2007, 7542 was a hot spot for investing in tea. In 2013, the ancient tree tea has become the darling of the market, and now it has developed into a circle of culture in small production areas and a stage of large tree collection. The market surface is not shocked, but in fact the current is surging. Judging from the current situation in all aspects, the Pu'er tea investment market will enter the next stage.
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