Pu'er tea investment analysis: Only the famous mountain village has no "product" The ancient tree tea market has gone astray

As the Spring Festival approaches, many people start purchasing tea ceremonies. A friend asked me to recommend several famous mountain teas, and he wanted to make up a famous mountain suit. Except for a few hills like Lao Banzhang and Ma Heizhai, other products I have recommended have been rejected by friends. The reason is also very simple: I have never heard of the product, and no one believes that the tea is authentic.
Until this moment, I suddenly realized a problem: Tea merchants have spared no effort to promote the famous mountain village in recent years, and they seem to have missed their products. Every year, the tea from these famous mountain villages is processed into products, but no product can represent these famous mountain villages.
I sent away my friends, and I plan to write some masterpieces about famous ancient villages. Sitting alone at the table, I spent most of the day and I didn't find the answer. Although individuals know which brands and which products are genuine, but for such products to represent a mountain, either the brand is not well-known or the product has insufficient influence. The simplest question has no answer.
What is the masterpiece of Banpen Guzhai?
What is the masterpiece of Wangongzhai?
What is the masterpiece of the old village in Iceland?
When these issues were on the desk, I couldn't help but take a breath. What the whole industry is doing these years. It has been promoting small-scale production areas for several years, and tossing to the end has neither created a sufficient number of well-known enterprises nor created representative products.
I don't know how long this kind of situation with only famous ancient villages and no well-known brands and representative products will last. But the source alone cannot support the ancient tree tea market. If the ancient tree tea market enters a dead end, it means that the efforts of the entire market in the past decade have been wasted.
The Pu'er tea market can't afford to decline now. If we return to 2010, I don't know how many tea makers will go bankrupt. It's not too late to make up for it, and building brands and representative products is a top priority.
Editor-in- chief : yunhong
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