Tea people list
  • Li Xianguo, an ingenious tea man who changed from "academic" to "actual"

    A good cup of tea contains the ingenuity of the tea man. Li Xianguo is a tea man who puts tea into life, a craftsman specializing in the production of ancient tree tea, and a heir to the traditional Puer tea in Yunnan.
  • Hou Mingqing & Wan Xiulan of the 27th issue of "Interview with Tea People" with Dreams: I hope that all generations will be Chinese Tea People

    Hou Mingqing said that Chinese tea Pu'er is his best friend, and now everyone in the family is making Chinese tea Pu'er, hoping that all generations will be Chinese tea people.
  • Asia Pacific Interview | Mr. Yang Shihua: Using Tea as a Medium to Promote the Revival of Oriental Culture

    Asia Pacific Interview | Mr. Yang Shihua: Using Tea as a Medium to Promote the Revival of Oriental Culture
  • Ordinary peasant girl trained to become "tea king"

    Xue Qunying is an authentic farmer woman. She won the top prize and won the "Tea King Award" at the 4th National Dog Tea Handicraft Competition in 2019.
  • Mengding unicorn warrior figure on the mountain tea garden guardian Jiang Shizu

    Jiang Shizu, the heir to the Chuanhong family, was very excited every time he told this geomorphological story. He showed us the magical picture of the unicorn warrior, told him how he became associated with the ancient tea tree more than ten years ago, and how he has overcome difficulties and persisted to this day. .
  • Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals

    In the "Lion Brand Cup" Pingxing Tea Artists' 6th National Selection Competition · Annual Finals, Ji Weiyan, a fresh graduate of Tea Science from the Guangdong Division, won the first prize. This gentle and elegant woman with blue temperament looks quiet and quiet in the distance, and looks generous in the near future.
  • Shan Guotai: Create a Tea Bureau in India and make the world fall in love with Chinese tea

    For Shan Guotai, tea is already a part of his life. Every day before meals, when he is tired, a cup of hot tea naturally cleans up his body's dryness and fatigue. He is a true tea lover.
  • The "big guys" who loved tea throughout the ages

    Drinking tea, many tea lovers are very particular about, from water quality to tea wares, from the environment to the weather, where and with whom to drink, a factor is wrong can seem to destroy a pot of good tea.
  • Qian Shenghua, Vice Chairman of Erhai County CPPCC, his initial intentions for poverty alleviation and his love for tea

    Qian Shenghua, with the feeling of a tea man, kept his original heart for Pu'er tea.
  • Gao Jianhua: The essence of reducing tea as a leaf

    The founder of Rizhao Sacred Valley Mountain Tea Farm Gao Jianhua took the meaning of "Chasheng Valley" and modified the word by the name of the mountain. Therefore, the Rizhao green tea brand "Sacred Valley Mountain" came out of here with fragrant incense, and also let "Rizhao Green Tea" a young geography The brand is famous and becomes the north ...
  • Lao Bao Says Tea: Historical Changes in Tea Drinking Culture

    China's tea drinking has undergone a long development and change, from "cooking sencha" in the Tang Dynasty, "tea-drinking" in the Song dynasty to the simple and concise brewing in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
  • My Little Pony: Tea is floating, see me from a height

    "To be an enterprise, you need to be down-to-earth, no matter which industry has no shortcuts, and make your brand with its own clear positioning and characteristics in order to win your own market!" —— Liao Hongwu
  • Lei Shuangshi: Taking the factory as the home, the employees fulfill their mission

    As a tea man, Lei Shuangshi is like a cake of Pu'er tea. After the cultivation of rain dew, repeated rolling, late fermentation, high temperature autoclaving, and aging of time, he finally dedicated his sweetness and flavor to each A consumer.
  • Lao Bao Tea: Iceland's Ancient Tea Mountain

    Iceland's Laozhai is on a hillside with an altitude of 1500 to 1800 meters. The soil is different from the other four villages, and it is dominated by red soil.
  • Li Yu, founder of the blue and white fire: From tea business to tea brand

    At the Guangzhou Tea Expo, Li Yu, the founder of "Blue Flowers Burning", interpreted the Pu'er tea industry and shared with us the core and commitment of this Pu'er tea brand and the ideal of being a world-class tea brand.
  • She, a young man of the third generation tea factory, said: I think the theoretical knowledge is the basis for doing one thing.

    I am Li Chengping, a tea farmer from Lincang, Yunnan, and a third generation of tea in the true sense. The family-made tea has been for nearly 40 years.
  • Liu Zongyan: Tea companies can only go further and further with good quality

    Liu Zongyan said that China is the hometown of tea, and tea is deeply integrated into the lives of Chinese people. It has become an important carrier of Chinese culture and is loved by people around the world.
  • Hu Jiong: What is the right to speak of Guizhou tea?

    On September 17, the high-end forum on Chinese tea culture was held in Duyun Economic Development Zone. Hu Chuang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Chief of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Deputy Leader of Guizhou Rural Industrial Revolution Tea Industry Development Leading Group attended the meeting and made a recommendation for the Guizhou tea industry.
  • Sun Deli: A piece of tea, a tea man, an industry

    In the early days of reform and opening up, Sun Deli took the lead in contracting afforestation in barren mountains and became a major forestry household in the county. Sun Deli is not only the leader in the large-scale and ecological cultivation of Fenggang tea, but also actively going out to explore the tea market ...