Shan Guotai: Create a Tea Bureau in India and make the world fall in love with Chinese tea

"What were you thinking when you were drinking tea?" I asked him.
Shan Guotai answered, "I don't think of anything."
For Shan Guotai, tea is already a part of his life. Every day before meals, when he is tired, a cup of hot tea naturally cleans up his body's dryness and fatigue. He is a true tea lover.
In the early years, Shan Guotai's investment vision was very accurate. Among them, there were several tea brands with good development momentum. One brand became quite famous in the local area. Because of this opportunity, he became interested in tea and planned to create it himself. A tea brand .
Shan Guotai: Create a Tea Bureau in India and make the world fall in love with Chinese tea
In the words of Shan Guotai, he made money in the first half, so why not do something interesting? So he decided to do something completely different from before-to be a brand, a brand can do it for a long time, it is fun and it has infinite possibilities.
Shan Guotai believes in a good brand. Naturally, someone will trust it and be willing to spend it. It is natural to make money in the future. This is also the original intention of Europe, which started to have a brand concept and produced more than one hundred years of brands. First, it is necessary to do things well, and then naturally, there will be a fragrant fragrance and applause.
With this concept, the "Indian Tea Bureau" was born.
"Let the dream come down, real life." This is the slogan of the Indian Tea Bureau. Shan Guotai believes that the Indian brand does not put a lot of flashy labels on the tea. Tea is tea. This is very easy to understand.
From growing in the tea garden, to being picked, to tolerating the sun, frying, kneading, and baking, and being tried and tested, finally reached the hands of the tea guests, and finally encountered the hot water in the tea cup, and Jinfeng Yulu met each other. , The scent of tea that had once precipitated due to sharpening, all burst out at this moment, this is the gorgeous time of tea.
The essence of tea is a life, a pastime in leisure, a soothing moment in boredom, a small gathering with friends and alone, a cup of simple tea is a rest for the soul, tea fragrance infiltrate our real days.
When you drink tea, you don't have to think about anything, life is there.
The brand logic is used to design products. Compared with many teas on the market, the tea from the Indian Tea Bureau is naturally different. In addition to giving tea good products, it also includes packaging, copywriting, design, and surroundings. After working hard, we strive to create a brand connotation unique to the Indian Tea Bureau and make ourselves irreplaceable.
Brands can't just be limited to good products or services, they also contain many parts. But if the brand has meaning, there is no need to worry about being imitated. Representation is easy to learn, but what really supports representation is the connotation of the brand. The brand is like a person. The face presented by the brand is extended from the brand personality. Therefore, the appearance of the surface can have many different looks. Staying true to its heritage, the spirit of the brand can still be clearly conveyed in these different appearances.
In the future, the Indian Tea Bureau will not stand still. Shan Guotai will continue to lead the team to explore the tea industry and present a trusted tea brand to consumers.
Editor-in- chief : dudongmei
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