Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals

Tea can be a seasoning for ordinary life, or a work of art for delicate life. With tea as the medium, the seat was seated, and about three or two friends, tea was a fun time. In Guangdong, the phrase "to drink a cup of tea leisurely" may seem casual, but it is actually an act of respecting others and conveying tea culture.
Speaking of tea, Guangdong Chaoshan Gongfu Tea has to mention. In Chaoshan, tea is synonymous with local, it is both a folk custom and a cultural symbol. "It's better to have no food for three days than to have no tea for one day." This is the attitude of Chaoshan people to drinking tea. It is indispensable for guests to worship tea and worship ancestors. Tea drinking has become a social etiquette in the daily life of locals.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
In the "Lion Brand Cup" Pingxing Tea Artists' 6th National Selection Competition · Annual Finals, Ji Weiyan, a fresh graduate of Tea Science from the Guangdong Division, won the first prize. This gentle and elegant woman with blue temperament looks quiet and quiet in the distance, and looks generous in the near future.
After approaching Ji Weiyan, when she talked about tea-related topics, she didn't have the quiet look before, but talked eloquently. From her words, Xiaobian could feel her love for tea. .
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
The effort behind Koi
"I came all the way to win the championship of the year, I think I am a 'Koi', very lucky." Ji Weiyan said happily.
Ji Weiyan is a Cantonese who has lived in Chaoshan area with a strong tea culture atmosphere since he was a child. "When I was a kid, whenever there was a guest at home, my parents would always make a pot of tea and chat with them. During this time, I occasionally drank a few cups of tea. This habit, but at that time, the understanding of tea remained in a hazy state. "
After the college entrance examination, when facing the first historic choice in life, Ji Weiyan chose the specialty of tea science. At first, her parents were worried about her employment prospects and advised her to make another choice.
However, tea has a charm, and you don't want to let it go when you touch it. The university was the first time Ji Weiyan really systematically learned and perceived tea, and it was also the beginning of “companion” with tea.
In the eyes of others, she has lived in an ear-stained tea environment since she was a child. Learning tea is just a breeze for her. But this kind of invisible pressure from others forced her to study harder. When she is confused, she will actively go to the library to search for materials and read books until she understands and is transparent.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
Earnest practice
In the tea art training process, if an action or gesture is unreasonable or unsightly, she will repeat the practice over and over again, and she will not stop until she feels good-looking. When the brewed tea soup is bitter or unpleasant, she will investigate the reason for brewing or tea processing, and communicate with her classmates to discuss and discuss the answers before asking the teacher.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
Cherish every opportunity to learn
"Tea is a magical oriental leaf, full of charm, so that I have a belief that I have always wanted to pursue."
Ji Weiyan said that every opportunity to improve oneself and learn does not want to miss. After the completion of the 4th National Tea Artist Professional Skills Contest in Guangdong, he was recommended to participate in the 6th National Jury Contest · Annual Finals hosted by Hua Juchen, and was able to participate in Chashan with champions from all regions of the country. I am very honored to study abroad.
"During the study tour in Chashan, I have learned a lot about the" nutrition "of tea knowledge and benefited a lot."
She said that on the way to visit the China Tea Museum, curator Wu Xiaoli learned from each other, enthusiastically talked about the activities of "tea + N", explained the things related to tea, and showed the charm of tea from multiple dimensions, letting her understand The splendid history of tea culture in China for thousands of years, and the evolution of tea arts, have witnessed the models of tea drinking appliances in different eras, and have a deeper appreciation of the extensive and profound tea culture.
"Tea art, tea comes first, and tea is the essence of tea art performance." Ji Weiyan recalled that “one essence, one specialty, specializing in director” is the essence shared by the teacher Zhou Zhixiu, director of the Training Center of Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, at the Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I feel the spirit of "integrity, faith, respect, and harmony", as well as the tea spirit of the scholars in the tea industry.
This study tour not only enriched Ji Weiyan's tea knowledge "knowledge base", but also gave her a strong spiritual power in her future knowledge.
Every success is no accident. Behind every "Koi", there is actually an unforgettable struggle. Ji Weiyan tells us with his own success that the success you envy is not unexpected, but it is well prepared.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
With a cup of tea, talk about Chaoshan culture
Working hard to bloom yourself is a gesture and an attitude. Ji Weiyan said that participating in the 6th National Judging Competition for Tea Star Artists, and discussing and exchanging tea art with players from all over the country is a test of effort and an explanation.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
Match scene
"Every game is a re-knowledge of yourself, discovering yourself, and perfecting your experience." When she learned that she was shortlisted for this master-like game, she silently prepared. We carefully considered the topic selection, training of tea arts, and learning of tea knowledge and repeated thinking.
When asked about the theme of the contest, "Tea is overflowing, and Shuibu love is long," Ji Weiyan said: Shuibu is a symbol of Chaoshan men's hard work and has great historical value. It has three colors of red and white, blue and white, and black and white. It has many uses. It can be used as a sweat wipe, bath, straw mat, and tea mat. It is an essential necessity for Chaoshan men to work in the sea.
Bring a water cloth, scoop up your own tea leaves, and take a "red-head boat", no matter where you go in the world, you will not be alone. Even under difficult conditions, Chaoshan people can use a piece of water cloth to set up tea seats, create a sense of ritual for drinking tea, and brew strong and refreshing Gongfu tea. This is the plight of the Chaoshan people.
Inheritance is the best respect for history, and it is also a measure of ingenuity. A piece of water cloth is a mark, bearing the endless bitterness of the Chaoshan ancestors; a cup of Gongfu tea is a story, recording the ancestors' courageous progress. "Including water cloth in the theme of the competition is not only to express my love for tea, but also to share the long-standing tea culture of Chaoshan to tea friends across the country," Ji Weiyan said with emotion.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
Using art as a medium to speak for Chinese tea
Tea is not only the carrier of commodity circulation, but also the bond of people's emotional connection. It can purify the soul, beautify life, and beautify society. The tea artist is the bridge between tea and people, the spreader of tea culture, and the "accelerator" of tea circulation. "Insisting on the position of tea artist is not only to follow the inner choice, but also to make a small contribution to the spread of tea culture," Ji Weiyan said.
"Choosing to work in Chaoshan is not only a love of hometown, but also a love of tea." In August last year, Ji Weiyan chose to work at the Shantou Chaoshan Gongfu Tea Research Institute , and has been in charge until now, mainly responsible for tea art training. "Enjoy life, enjoy the tea rhyme, the bitterness, sweetness, health, and aftertaste of the tea circulate in the cup, and feel the affection and beauty of tea." This is what Ji Weiyan hopes her students will realize. At the same time, I also hope that everyone who loves tea can experience the deep affection and beauty of tea.
During his work, Ji Weiyan participated in the 6th National Selection Competition of the Xingxing Tea Artists · Annual Finals, the first individual competition of Guangdong Chaoshan Gongfu Tea Tea Artist Skills Competition, the fourth national tea artist professional skills competition in Guangdong District, the fourth National Tea Artist Professional Skills Competition Final Individual. In these events, she has achieved impressive results and contributed to the dissemination of Chinese tea culture.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
When asked how to evaluate tea drinking and tea art performances, she replied, "The tea drinking thing is not trivial, but very ritual. Tea art performances are not just performances, but tea performances. Promote the positive energy of society and convey the true disposition of the world, because there are particular aspects in choosing tea, choosing tea set, boiling water, performing, etc. " On the road of tea, she hopes to show tea culture to everyone through tea art, and to pass the tea culture and spirit to more people as a tea artist.
With the promotion of tea culture, more and more people are paying attention to the development of tea art, and more and more emerging forces have emerged. However, it takes time and energy to find a messenger who can really make a cup of tea and pass on the tea culture. Ji Weiyan said with emotion, under the organizer's organization, I am very honored to have the opportunity to meet excellent tea people from all over the country and discover the differences in tea culture in different regions.
Just 21 years old but already the champion of the star tea artist's annual finals
"Heart is simple, and people are quiet like tea." It is not an exaggeration to use this sentence to describe Ji Weiyan. Quietness is a state of perfection and softness, as is tea. Right now, she is focusing physically and mentally, step by step, walking down the tea road. In the future, she hopes that more like-minded tea people can join the tea arts profession and speak for and speak for Chinese tea!
Su Dongpo said: "Never a good-looking girl." The women who study tea have an elegant and focused expression, which reflects a moving and beautiful face in the smoky tea smoke, and they are like a glass of clear, clear, beautiful, evocative.
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