Mengding unicorn warrior figure on the mountain tea garden guardian Jiang Shizu

There is an ancient ecological tea plantation with small leaf species of Sichuan Red Family in Menghouhou Mountain, Ya'an, Sichuan. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been designated as a royal tea garden. In 2008, an amazing mountain image broke the tranquility of this millennium tea garden. At that time, Xie Qiang, a Ya'an from Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, accidentally found a mysterious image on the satellite map of the folds of his hometown, the Yading Mengding Mountains, to amaze himself. The overall composition of a unicorn and a portrait. This pattern resembles a beast in a mountain and sea scripture, covering 40 square kilometers. It is the mysterious landmark "Kirin Warrior Picture".
The Sichuan Red Family Tea Garden happens to be in the upper corner of the right eye of the "Kirin Warrior Picture". The area is 30 degrees north latitude and 1668 meters above sea level. It is the starting point of the Ancient Tea Horse Road , an important post on the South Silk Road, the Ya'an Wild Panda Protection Base, and Yangjia Mountain behind Mengding, Zhongli Town, Yu'an District.
Mengding unicorn warrior figure on the mountain tea garden guardian Jiang Shizu
In 2016, the Brand China Strategic Planning Institute's "Proposal on Promoting a Breakthrough in Sichuan Tea Brand" was highly valued by the main leaders of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Sichuan Provincial People's Government. . The brand academy used this ancient tea garden as a breakthrough to implement the relevant instructions, and in the past few years, it has strongly promoted the Sichuan Red Family brand. In October this year, at the 2019 "Belt and Road" International Tea Industry Development Forum and the Fifth China Tea Industry Conference, 14 international tea organizations jointly recognized the Sichuan Red Family "2019 International Black Tea Tasting Competition Gold Award.
Mengding unicorn warrior figure on the mountain tea garden guardian Jiang Shizu
Chu Shihong's heir Jiang Shizu was very excited every time he told this geomorphological story, he showed us the magical picture of the warrior Kirin, telling him how to associate with the ancient tea tree more than ten years ago. Was found), telling how he overcomes difficulties and persists to this day.
Because he wants to make the best Sichuan tea, he must first protect the ancient tea garden. The Jiang family went from grandfather to son for several generations, and went to follow up on the mountain. For the first time, we followed Jiang Shizu along the weedy, clay-muddy mountain road and walked for 2 hours before we reached the summit. He walked us through the ancient tea forest and told us the story of him and each tree, his dreams and expectations. In order to turn the wilderness into a beautiful tea garden, they almost used up all their assets. He said that the Sichuan Red Family Tea Quality, no matter how much you pay, no regrets.
Mengding Mountain is a magical longitude and latitude line, and it is the base for the protection and survival of wild pandas in China. The Shu Road here is rugged and primitive, with wild animal footprints common, mountains and wild species flourishing, ancient tea trees and bamboo forests interweaving and growing wildly. Mengding Mountain is located at the end of the rain screen in West China. The high-altitude mountains can better block the warm and humid airflow from the Pacific Ocean. It is named after the rain and fog. The annual rainfall and fog are more than 300 days. Yaan's excellent ecological environment and abundant The rain and fog create extremely favorable environmental conditions for the growth of Mengding Camellia, and can produce good tea for Yunwu Mountain.
Jiang Shizu told us that it is said that this ancient tea garden originated from the Western Han Dynasty and lived on a cloud-covered sun slope. These millennium ancient trunks mixed in wild jungles grew very slowly and produced very little. Processing only 2-3 two. He initially chose this barren ancient tea field, because this tea field not only has cultural heritage, but also has the functions and characteristics of ecological tea. To produce top-quality tea, top-quality raw materials and the heritage of tribute tea technology must be used.
Ya'an is the starting point of the Sichuan-Tibet tea-horse ancient road . Mengding camellia was imported into the Tibetan area through the ancient tea-horse road . People of all ethnic groups are an important link for enhancing political, economic and cultural exchanges.
Ya'an is not only the starting point of the ancient Sichuan-Tibet tea-horse road, but also the "Mengshan bird tongue tea", which is also a "Mengshan feeding instrument" dedicated to Buddha. In addition, the Longxing Eighteen-style tea technique and the "Mengdingshan School" tea ceremony, tea art, tea cooking, and tea culture, which originated from the Song Dynasty, have gained popularity overseas. The "Mengdingshan Declaration on World Tea Culture" released by the 8th International Tea Culture Symposium made this famous mountain of tea culture famous all over the world.
Ya'an borders the Tibetan area, and communication and exchange between the two places are easy to occur. From the initial simple bartering to the later, it gradually developed into a large-scale "tea-to-horse exchange" and "tea-to-earth exchange". Between Tibet and Lhasa, a very important ancient commercial road gradually formed. The materials transported on this old road were mainly tea on the south side of Ya'an.
Earlier history confirms that the Yaan tea civilization dates back to 53 BC, and Wu Lizhen, a Shunong scholar, opened the first artificial tea plantation in Mengding Mountain and domesticated alpine wild tea , so he was called the tea ancestor. The history of human development is a domesticated and domesticated civilization.
In 742 AD, during the Tang Dynasty, Mengding camellia was listed as a special tribute tea for the ancestor worship of the court. In the meantime, wild small leaf species of mountain tea is an important tea product. Jiang Shizu told us that the Sichuan Red Family's original ecological small-leaf planting ancient tree tea garden. Since the Tang Dynasty, the tea farmers in the Mengding Mountains have been taking care of the exclusive tea garden dedicated to the ancestors of heaven and earth and the royal relatives. Until the imperial power was absent, it experienced vicissitudes of history for thousands of years. Because the mountain is high and there are no roads, nearly 3,000 acres of tea gardens are completely abandoned, and the mountains are covered by bamboo forests and miscellaneous trees. The former domineering Gong tea gardens have gradually been forgotten by people and drowned in the primitive jungle.
According to legend, in 1968, young people who came to the mountains and countryside came here to cultivate and cultivate this tea plantation. However, because there was no road in the mountains, it took 10 kilometers to walk, and they could not persist.
Mengding unicorn warrior figure on the mountain tea garden guardian Jiang Shizu
The story of the tea garden has always been legendary. Dozens of ancient tea trees are small leaf species left over from the Western Han Dynasty. They are commonly known as Laochuan tea. Half of the green tea raw materials are purple. Special Lingshan charm.
Wild leafy mountain tea, Shudi leaf tea was taken by Kong Ming to Guizhou and Yunnan for planting. In both places, some are still planted and some have been cut down. An ancient tea land with a history of more than a thousand years, such as Mengding Mountain, and its predominance of landmarks and landmarks, is becoming more and more precious and rare. It is urgent to protect such non-cultural heritage. Jiang Shizu said that no matter how much he paid, he would protect and inherit such a precious mountain tea culture, a civilized geomantic treasure.
Although it has undergone continuous improvement by generations of tea farmers, it has produced well-known Chinese and foreign stone varieties, thunders, and yellow buds, as well as court royal varieties. But there are still many gaps and regrets in this tea civilization. For tea production, higher altitudes are not better, but if sufficient rainfall can be guaranteed, higher altitudes will have higher quality tea sources. There has been a saying that “the famous mountains and rivers are famous teas” since ancient times. Heart of Yangtze River, tea on the top of Mengshan. In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the book of the Ministry of War Wang Yue did not write Mengding Camellia into the Tea Classic to the tea saint Lu Yu, leaving a fascinating poem: If Lu Yu is taught, he should be the first tea in the world. For thousands of years, Mengding camellia is famous for its magical and mysterious quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Now there are fewer and fewer old craftsmen. Passing on the craftsmanship is to pass on the blood of this tea. It is like saving and protecting the national treasure wild panda.
Jiang Shizu said: If such high-quality wild tribute tea does not complement each other with exquisite palace craftsmanship, the Mengding Mountain alpine wild tea will lose its magical flavor and tribute tea, and will lose its vitality.
Mengding unicorn warrior figure on the mountain tea garden guardian Jiang Shizu
Jiang Shizu is currently the heir to the Chuanhong family, a senior tea reviewer in China, a senior expert in Chinese tea ceremony, the founder of the long-flow pot art tea ceremony in mainland China, and the owner of Mengding's original ecological alpine wild tea source.
Jiang Shizu has been engaged in tea research for more than 30 years. The tea master has produced tea master Mr. Huang Guoxiang. Huang Laoji has been in his 80s and has studied tea craftsmanship all his life. He studied under the modern Chinese tea saint Wu Juonong and the tea scientist Zhuang Wanfang. Cultural heritage plays an important role in domestic enjoyment.
In order to challenge the quality of Mengdingshan tribute tea, in May 2018, Jiang Shizu sent the Sichuan Red Family Tea to the world's most authoritative testing agency SGS for the most stringent 481 pesticide residue testing, and each index scored excellent. This is the highest standard in the world and the best affirmation of the conscience of the three generations of Jiang Shizu's family.
Jiang Shizhen now has anxiety and has more expectations. He is anxious to protect this kind of tribute tea. He expects more people to drink real assured tea and ingenuity tea. He can experience the soul and culture of Sichuan Red Family Tea, and hope more People are involved in his career and work hard.
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