Ordinary peasant girl trained to become "tea king"

Xue Qunying is an authentic farmer woman. Be kind, laugh, and talk less. There is sincerity in simplicity and simplicity in simplicity. It is such an inconspicuous peasant that he won the top prize from the group of heroes and won the "Tea King Award" at the 4th National Dog Tea Handicraft Competition in 2019
What has happened to Xue Qunying, who has been dazzled in tea since he was a child, sharpening the life of the tea ceremony for 32 years?
Ordinary peasant girl trained to become "tea king"
Xuejia Tea Girl Early Growth
At the age of 12, Xue Qunying was in fifth grade.
The family is poor and lacks labor. Xue Qunying is a big baby, the second sister is only two years old. In the morning, before the day was clear, my father urged him to pick tea in the mountains. She always hurried home near class, put down the bamboo basket, chopped two meals, and quickly carried her schoolbag to school.
Different from the current standard of single bud, one bud and one leaf, at that time one bud, two leaves and one bud, three leaves. Use a wood stove to stir-fry the tea. The fire must be hot, the pot temperature is high, and the fried tea is fragrant. Pick and stir fry the same day, otherwise the taste is not good. The mother couldn't be too busy and needed someone to help her, and then she hurriedly told her daughter the experience.
Xiao Qunying's seat was always empty when all the students were studying by themselves last night. In order to reduce the burden at home, she moved the bench to the stove and learned to fry tea under the dim light. Killing, rolling, drying ... It's been a long time, and I looked around.
Not much attention, as long as it is fried, but small hands can not bear the high temperature in the pot. It is often blistered, so stick the white tape you bought, and tear it off at night to continue frying. The water vapor constantly rising near the stove often makes the eyes red, the teeth hurt, and the face swollen. To eat the old duck eggs, it is necessary to put Muzi oil on it to lower the fire.
The hardest part is still late at night, sleepy and cannibalizing a little bit. Traditional craftsmanship takes a long time, and six or seven pounds of tea must be completed at approximately 4 am. Fried tea should be put in bamboo baskets lined with straw paper and roasted on charcoal fire.
Once I was too tired, Xiao Qunying fell asleep sitting next to the stove, and the tea was roasted to 90% dry, without time to flip, the bottom was dry, and the top was still wet. She was scolded by her father's scolding.
Nuggets in the mud to make tea
It is said that they rely on mountains to eat mountains, but there are no valuable industries in the barren mountains. In order to fill their stomachs, every family grows rice in the fields, and the tea is planted on the ridges and mountains. Experienced veterans will first saw the bamboo tube, and then throw the tea seeds in to prevent mice and improve the survival rate.
After finishing junior high school, Xue Qunying dropped out of school. Picking tea, frying tea, selling tea day after day ... Tea people's lives are simple and peaceful.
In the spring of 1996, she married the neighbouring Lixin Village. Her husband Zhong Kunsong's family was also poor and poor, with only two acres of land. When planting land and tea, the young couple are like cultivating cows. They vowed to dig out gold in this soil. In their spare time, they also ran mudspots on the construction site to supplement their families.
The successive births of the two sons added a little fun and fun to the small family. Picking tea during the day, and making tea at night, made Xue Qunying difficult. She waited for her child to fall asleep before she could make tea. Sometimes the tea was still in the pot, and the son woke up and cried in the middle of the night, and had to leave things at hand to take care of it, so a lot of fresh leaves were wasted. But she never gave up her determination to make tea, thinking that she can't do well tonight, and she will come back tomorrow.
It's easier said than done. The couple brought tea from Daijiapu to the county seat, and then transferred to Nanchang Maosui, which was nearly 300 kilometers away. It was recommended by them. The specialty shops went around, but the tea was not sold.
Zhong Kunsong was very unwilling, so he asked his famous colleagues to take tea. As a result, the merchants not only received warmly, but also paid them in full. After discovering the hidden rules of "recognizing people first and then recognizing tea," Zhong Kunsong deliberately opened it. In order to sell tea at a good price, he must not only "cultivate his internal skills", but also go out to participate in the "Wulin Conference".
Husband and wife tea ceremony together
In recent years, skills training, industry awards and supplements, media reports, diversified packaging, and organization of tea companies to participate in the evaluation ... Under the active guidance of the government, the tea industry has spread to a raging flame.
Seeing that some tea gardens were abandoned due to working outside, Zhong Kunsong and Xue Qunying together took over the contract management of the 500-mu alpine wild tea garden in Xiaoshuishan, Linyang Village, the neighboring village, and set up a cooperative to study the cultivation of tea, Management, production.
Seemingly simple, difficult to do. The couple knew this very well. To make a pot of good tea, we must not only master the pot temperature, but also meet certain standards in taste, color, aroma and shape. Every day, they make a cup of tea to watch the shape of the tea, smell the aroma, taste, and accept the suggestions made by their peers with an open mind, and then think about how to improve.
In 2010, he won the silver prize of the "First Dog Tea Brain Tea Competition in Suichuan County, China", and the third prize of the 2015 "dog dog brain tea cup" national handmade tea competition. Zhong Kunsong got good results in both competitions. Behind the scenes are the "tea-tea-men" couple who study, ponder, and learn from each other.
The fame started and the tea was ready to sell. In order to ensure quality, Zhong Kunsong put more emphasis on tea garden management. When the news of big and small events came again, there was no time to take care of it. He said, "A great woman must be standing behind a successful man." However, he felt that it was a pity that his wife had buried a good craft behind her.
After hearing the proposal of "coaching" on behalf of the cooperative, Xue Qunying was eager to try. In fact, she has long wanted to be a "crab eater" to test her skills for decades. In the main place of production of tea, there are not a few women who can make tea, but it is rare to go outside to learn technology and even dare to participate.
Tea Town Events
"Hand-fried tea has temperature and emotion." Xue Qunying told the author that microclimate and mountain tea are very suitable for hand-made. Take the twisting step, for example, the leaves are thin and gentle, and the leaves are thicker and heavier.
In May 2019, Xue Qunying's entry number was 55 on the scene of the 4th "Dougao Brain Cup National Green Tea Handmade Contest". Of the 62 contestants, only four were female. Occasionally a few onlookers muttered in a low voice: Women can do this job well?
Xue Qunying is not untested.
In 2016, he won the gold medal in the "3rd Dog King Brain Tea King Competition" in Suichuan County.
In 2017, he participated in the "Dog 牯 Brain Tea Making Skills Competition" in Suichuan County, and after the preliminary and rematch, he won the second prize.
Soon, Xue Qunying's mood calmed down. The hustle and bustle at the scene seemed inaudible and invisible. There was nothing but tea. Picking greens, killing greens, twisting, and fragrant ... Every process is skillful and steady. The smoke rose, and the tea scented.
Results announced! Xue Qunying won the Tea King Award for curly green tea with a highest score of 94.55!
The record of winning three medals in 4 years was passed down as a local story, and her husband Zhong Kunsong was called the "Couple Tea King".
Because he often goes out to participate in competitions, the cooperative learning atmosphere is strong, bringing out several "seed players": Zhang Chunyan, who was born in the 80s shortly after learning tea, won two reputations, and Zhong Zhaoyou also achieved excellent results in the competition ...
Women's ingenuity can calm down and make tea. Xue Qunying relies on a constant love and diligence day after day. Talking about her future plans, she said that she hopes to drive more villagers to get rich by tea. She looked away, and the mountains were rolling.
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