Tea merchant list
  • The big dream under the big pattern

    The founder of the small pot of tea, Du Guozhen, is a man with a large pattern. Under his strategy, a modern Chinese tea brand, the small pot of tea, was born, and it is developing rapidly.
  • My Chen Pimeng Chen Pimeng, a senior "engineer man"

    Brother Chi's "Youhe Chenpi Commercial Firm" has been in Chenpi Village for more than three years. His bold character and insistence on the quality of Chenpi have also made him the choice of more and more customers. The brothers Chi who settled in Chenpi Village lived a happy life, filling the future ...
  • My Chen Pimeng did n’t know anything about Lao Xingzun, and Chen Pimeng of Xinhui son-in-law after 80s

    Happy to share, treat people with sincerity, adhere to the traditional orthodox way of thinking of Chenpi to understand Chenpi, better combine tradition and innovation, let Chenpi culture be deeply rooted in people ’s hearts, and use Chenpi more vividly and easily. More customers support ...
  • Hongpu [Lao Hong You Hua 01] Kunming people from Chaoshan

    Lao Hong has words 01 Hello I am Lao Hong, a Kunming from Chaoshan, who has lived in Yunnan for 22 years. When I was young, I wanted to come to Yunnan, earn 50,000 yuan, then go back to my hometown to buy a house, and then close the job.
  • Fang Chao: Young Entrepreneurs Associated with Tea——Teachers Learned, Helped Earned

    Talking about the future of himself and the tea city, Fang Chao hopes to spread the tea culture to the hearts of the “post-90s” and “post-00s” hearts. Training programs, plus training in tea culture. "
  • Ruan Dianrong: Make time for Pu'er

    This movement gives a new woman, whose history stops between the six major tea mountains, and her baton alternates in her hands, and under the graceful curve of the rapid turn, she wields a pen of inheriting the chemical industry. She is the later six Ruan, the founder of the Dacha Camellia Tea Industry ...
  • Interview with Ni Longbiao, Director of Pu'er Gong Tea Research Center, Yiwu County

    Chinese people like to drink tea, not only quench their thirst, but also cultivate their own nature. Watching quietly a piece of tea leaves, tumbling and precipitating again and again in a clear cup, the water from thick to light, a pot of tea from fragrance to taste, thinking about life philosophy. Hometown of Tea in Yunnan
  • The founder of Dahong Xinggong tea Ni Longbiao: the heart is to develop the tea and promote the Pu'er tea culture

    The ancient Six Great Tea Mountain is located in the territory of Xishuangbanna. It is the source of the Dian-Tibet tea-horse ancient trail and a well-known Pu'er tea producing place at home and abroad. The accumulation of nearly 1,000 years has made the Chinese Pu'er tea culture vast and profound.
  • "Tea Owner" Zhang Ruiyao: From zero to one, the road to change for the Tea Owner

    In order for many Pu'er tea small and medium-sized enterprises in Yunnan to find a strategy for future development, we will cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises in the tea industry to create a business card for Pu'er tea in Yunnan, so that Pu'er tea will be introduced to the whole country, out of Asia, and to the world.
  • Zhong Hanrong: Founder of Wynn Tea House, Hong Kong

    Zhong Hanrong: The founder of Wynn Tea House in Hong Kong devoted his whole life to doing one thing! Now over 80 years old, he still travels to and from Chashan, Yunnan several times a year, with tea, tea testing, and tea-like practice. Zhong Hanrong-incense ...
  • Zhang Ruiyao: Don't be a follower, strive to be a tea lover after the 70's

    Tea, a leaf, as a result of picking, sorting, killing greens, rolling, autoclaving, fermentation, ore piles, etc., has produced several famous teas and thousands of unique teas.
  • Chen Yongtang: Guarding Pu'er

    From the original painstaking search of scattered Pu'er tea boutiques, to Pu'er's dedication to studying Pu'er tea storage technology, and the creation of the Pu'er tea professional warehousing era, to Yiwuwugu combined with the ancient research and development and production of Pu'er tea classics, Chen Yongtang accidentally completed the high-end Pu ...
  • Chen Yongtang: Peace of mind and tea

    Since its opening in 1995, "Shuang Chen Pu'er" has gone through 20 years of ups and downs. Chen Yongtang, the founder of "Shuang Chen Pu'er", has never been moved regardless of fluctuations. He doesn't like and never participate in the market speculation, but he is whole-hearted. Put into the research and practice of Pu'er tea storage.
  • He Baoqiang-the founder of Banzhang Chinese cabbage and peacock series

    From the late 1990s to 2004, Mr. He Baoqiang and his elder brothers traveled through Yunnan tea area, and eventually found Banzhang Tea, which was later crowned by tea friends. At that time, Guangdong tea merchants and Taiwan tea merchants represented by Mr. He Baoqiang Custom tea at Erhai Tea Factory
  • [CCTV Character] Ma Hei Watcher: Lao Yang Buys Tea

    (April 3), CCTV reporter accompanied Yang Shihua, chairman of Zhongji, drove to Mahei Village, Yiwu Township, Mengla County, early this morning to see the price and quality of tea this year.
  • Zhou Hongwei: Small tea leaves the big market

    Since its establishment, Qianliyun Tea Industry Co., Ltd. has recruited rural subsistence allowances to work in the company every year to help them escape poverty and become rich.
  • Interview with Yang Shihua from Pu'er Business Daily: Interpreting the Transformation of Erhai Tea

    Yang Shihua, a deep tea man, interprets the mystery of aging for us today!
  • Top Tea | Make Energetic Cooked Tea!

    Mr. Lu Zhiming, the founder of Dingcha, accepted an exclusive interview with the live broadcast column “Wu Fu about Tea” by anchorwoman of “New Tea Ceremony”, explaining his thought process and tea making philosophy for the establishment of Dingcha brand. The following is a summary of the interview dialogue
  • Craftsmanship, the weight of the Pu'er tea people's great achievements?

    Don't worry about your future. Over the years, Pu'er tea has been ups and downs, but regardless of the outside market, Yang always has his own rhythm, not slow or slow, like ancient craftsmen, slowly polishing his works.