Yu Qiuyu | Tasting Pu'er Tea (Collector's Edition)

A person always has multiple identities. Often, hidden identities are more interesting than explicit identities. To go a little further, the blacksmith named Ji Kang can write a good article; the man named Huang Gongwang can also draw a few elegant ink paintings. To put it more closely, an ordinary middle school teacher is actually a first-rate chef; a neighbor's aunt who buys food every day is actually an investment master.

On the day of the Xinqiu autumn, Shenzhen held a "new generation Pu'er tea" tasting. In the past two decades, the shortlisted products provided by various famous tea fields, tea factories, tea estates, and tea merchants at home and abroad have been screened many times. Today, they must accept The ultimate judgement by a group of experts from different parts of Asia. Rows of tea artists have been sitting in front of iron pots, electric stoves, and porcelain cups to prepare a brewing technique, and a tasting book has been placed before the experts' vacancies. There are many items in the tasting book, and you need to score points from the aspects of soup color, purity, thickness, taste, Yujin, fragrance, flavor, strength and so on. Many media reporters raised their lenses, waiting for the tasting experts to appear one after the other after the host read out their names.
There are not many experts in tasting. Their names may not be familiar to reporters, but the old tea drinkers of Pu'er Tea all know it. Suddenly, the reporters heard a very puzzled name, and the title was affirmed: "Puer Old Tea Tasting Expert", but strangely had the same name as me. On closer inspection, the people who stood out looked exactly like me.
Sorry, this is a helpless "leak" of my secret identity. Originally, I wanted to keep secret and not announce secretly, I did not expect that so many "out-of-bound reporters" came this time. The one who leaked with me this time was my wife, Malan. She also marked the title of "Puer Old Tea Tasting Expert" on the document, but she felt that since the two of us were leaking together, they did not have to show up together After that, they hid in the jungle of tea tables and tea guests and bowed their heads and laughed. In fact, almost all high-level experts know that she should be ranked ahead of me in her Puer tea tasting.
Once people are immersed in one identity, they often forget other identities. Whenever I enter the Pu'er Tea River, I completely forget that I am a person who can write articles. Of course, I will also read some articles related to Pu'er tea, and that's just a look. I never asked for the standards of the article. After the "leakage" in Shenzhen this time, some friends wanted me to write Pu'er tea in my own writing style.
This requires me to overlap the two identities, and I feel a bit abrupt. I said that I have very high requirements for the article, and writing is a grand matter. But grandness is not difficult. The way of the article is just like the way of philosophy. The highest and lowest are "matched", and the end must lurk at the beginning. If you talk about Pu'er tea half-textually, so it's dark, and the cloud covers the fog, then it's broken, and the Zen master will say loudly and discourage, saying the classic old saying with only three words: "Eat tea." Let the lost man go back to the starting point. Therefore, if I write an article about Pu'er tea, it must start from scratch, and it is all vernacular.
Editor-in- chief : yunhong
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