Expert list
  • Hangzhou Chen Zongxi won the National Science and Technology Progress Award

    The achievement “Creation and Application of Pesticide Residues and Pollutants Control Technology System in Tea”, which was hosted by Academician Chen Zongxi, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.
  • Liu Zhonghua was transferred to the specialty of tea science, and became a tea academician 38 years later

    Liu Zhonghua, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Hunan Agricultural University, gave a briefing on his career experience at the award ceremony, encouraging his younger brothers and sisters to strengthen their confidence in talents and actively participate in the cause of rural rejuvenation.
  • Li Yuanlie: Promote the development of cloud tea industry

    Li Yuanlie was also invited to participate in the investigation and demonstration meeting of the large tea tree in Lancang State of Pu'er City and the inspection of wild ancient tea trees in Qianjiazhai Town of Pu'er City.
  • Du Xiao: Mengding yellow bud, the only mild tea in China

    How can we let everyone know and accept Mengding Huangya? With this question today, we visited Du Xiao, a professor at Sichuan Agricultural University.
  • Xiao Shiying: "Father of Yunnan Clonal Tea Tree" 80th Anniversary Book Expert Experience

    Yesterday, Xiao Shiying, an 80-year-old expert who can be called the "father of Yunnan clonal tea tree", told reporters that his new book was published but he had a wish, and his "three-dimensional ecological tea garden" will be further enhanced next.
  • Zhou Hongjie: Negative oxygen ions can improve Pu'er tea quality during storage

    Drinking Pu'er was originally an elegant event combining mind and body with nature and returning to nature. However, if there are some "smoke" odors in the process of drinking tea, it will instantly reduce the good feeling of tea.
  • Vertical and horizontal Xiangxiang tea-Liu Zhonghua

    "From the perspective of the tea industry chain, individuals are more interested in the process of making tea. I think the technical level of tea making is amazing. It is not easy to make a piece of tea well.
  • Zou Bingliang and Lu Guoling: On Pu'er Tea Blending

    Blending is one of the three major links in the tea refining processing factory for the acceptance and classification of wool tea, refined processing, and semi-finished product blending.
  • Sheng Jun: Several Directions of Scientific Research on Pu'er Tea

    At present, compared with green tea and black tea, there are fewer research papers on Pu'er tea. At present, the research of Pu'er tea is mainly focused on the fields of planting, quality, aroma, partial efficacy, and changes in the composition of the fermented grains.
  • "Old Comrade" and the Father of Pu'er Tea——Zou Bingliang

    Mr. Zou Bingliang, a Han nationality, was born in 1939 in Xiangyun County, Yunnan.
  • Dong Sheng: Make Pu'er Tea a Normal Healthy Drink

    In 2016, the output value of the Pu'er tea industry in Yunnan reached 13.9 billion yuan, and the value of the country's stored tea was close to 500 billion yuan. It already has a good industrial cluster foundation. However, in recent years, the downward pressure on the economy is obvious, so the pain points of the entire Pu'er tea industry have gradually emerged.
  • Zhou Hongjie: History, process characteristics, and identification methods of Pu'er ripe tea!

    Many people know about Pu'er tea, but what kind of tea is Pu'er tea? In a sense, what are the characteristics of different periods, different histories, and times? Today we come to share Pu'er tea, what exactly is it?
  • Fan Hejun's Pu'er Tea Legend

    In March 1939, at the invitation of the Yunnan China Tea Company, Fan Hejun arrived in Kunming via Hong Kong and Vietnam. The company commissioned him to go to the wild land of Fohai to investigate the situation of the people and build a Fohai tea factory.
  • Deng Shihai talks about the reason of "Pueryun"

    Deng Shihai pointed out that the movement of the good tea section, the dwarfing of the planting and the dense planting will all cause the degradation of the quality of Pu'er tea. Coupled with over-picking, the tea tree has no rest time, which makes Pu'eryun disappear slowly.
  • Lu Caiyou: Pu'er tea, a small leaf, a big industry

    In recent years, the Pu'er tea industry has been re-emphasized and has accounted for two-thirds of the Yunnan tea industry. With the increase of people's health consciousness, there has been a new understanding of Pu'er tea. The consumer group has also changed from foreign to domestic, showing "flower blossoming inside the wall, both inside and outside the wall ...
  • The days of Fan Hejun, director of the Fohai Tea Factory (now Erhai Tea Factory), and Zhang Shicheng, a technician at Tsinghua University, in Myanmar

    Li Fuyi even did not expect that he had completed the whole process with the rise and fall of the Fohai Tea Factory, and went longer and farther than Fan Hejun!
  • Top ten tea educators in modern China

    The twentieth century is the most important century in the history of Chinese tea industry and tea science. In the twentieth century, the transformation from traditional tea industry and tea science to modern tea industry and tea science was realized, and the modern tea industry system and modern tea were established. Education system, tea production, science and technology, education, ...
  • Chen Xunru: Product quality is the foundation of the tea industry

    During the fifteenth Pu'er Tea Festival, Chen Xunru, vice chairman of the ninth Yunnan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the provincial tea circulation association, was interviewed by reporters. He analyzed in depth the existing Pu'er tea industry, especially the promotion of Pu'er tea circulation Difficulties and problems
  • Xu Jialu: The spirit inheritance of Pu'er tea has preserved valuable cultural and traditional genes

    For people in other parts of the world, tea is only connected with trade and consumption. For Pu'er people, tea is both needed for survival and sent by faith.