"Old Comrade" and the Father of Pu'er Tea——Zou Bingliang

Mr. Zou Bingliang, a Han nationality, was born in 1939 in Xiangyun County, Yunnan.
He has many titles-former director of the Erhai Tea Factory, chief engineer, famous Yunnan tea evaluation expert, national outstanding entrepreneur, Erhai County seventh, eighth, Xishuangbanna Prefecture seventh, eighth and Delegate of the 7th People's Congress of Yunnan Province, founder and director of Gulf Tea Factory, and chairman of Gulf Tea Industry. In 2007, the Great Hall of the People of the People's Republic of China awarded "China Pu'er Tea Lifetime Achievement Master" and so on. As we all know, Mr. Zou's achievements in the field of Pu'er tea are unparalleled in the industry.
His indissoluble bond with Pu'er tea has three important stages so far ...
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[1957-1973] From the backbone of technology to the father of Pu'er tea
Mr. Zou Bingliang came to Erhai Lake and started to work in the Erhai Tea Factory , which is well-known in China and abroad, and began his life with tea. During the period, he studied at Southwest Commodity Inspection Bureau and Kunming Commodity Inspection Bureau, and studied the lead content of tea and biochemical analysis of tea. Participated in the development of graded black tea jointly conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Yunnan Province sent Mr. Zou Bingliang, who was then the backbone of the Erhai Tea Factory , to Guangdong to study and study the technology of "Puer tea produced by the Wodui method". After returning from the inspection, Mr. Zou Bingliang and his colleagues formed a technical research team, combining actual natural conditions in Yunnan with their own theoretical practices, and fully absorbing processing experience from the coastal and Hong Kong and Macao regions. Through repeated research and experiments, Pu'er tea artificial The success of fermentation has created a new era for the rapid development of Yunnan Pu'er tea.
Since then, Mr. Zou Bingliang has written the first set of teaching materials on Pu'er tea production technology and operating procedures based on his professional knowledge and practical experience, and then continues to carry out the practice of standardized and standardized production of Pu'er mature tea, and has become a modern Pu'er tea mature tea. The production technology leader is respected by the industry as "the master of Pu'er tea generation" and "the father of modern Pu'er mature tea".
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[1984-1996] Erhai Plant, Pu'erqing
Mr. Zou Bingliang became the director of Erhai Tea Factory. Establish a production, supply, and sales system that integrates planting, processing, sales, and service, develop more than 100,000 acres of new tea gardens, and build 74 primary tea systems.
At that time, Yunnan tea was purchased and sold in a unified manner, and only the "China Tea" brand was recognized in the market. Mr. Zou Bingliang, who was then the director of Erhai Tea Factory, realized that to make Erhai Tea Factory bigger and stronger, he must have his own brand. He and the factory leadership jointly created and researched. Because drinking Pu'er tea is "greatly beneficial" to the human body, he designed and created the "Dayi" brand trademark and successfully registered it in 1989, creating an independent brand for the company. And the "Dayi" brand trademark has become a huge intangible asset of Erhai Tea Factory.
In June 1996, Mr. Zou Bingliang was hired as a consultant of Yunnan Tea Import and Export Corporation. In January 1997, he officially retired from Erhai Tea Factory.
He was one of the longest serving directors of the previous Erhai Tea Factory. During his tenure, Erhai Tea Factory's industrial output value, profits, profits and taxes paid, and employee income have increased simultaneously for 11 consecutive years, becoming a major taxpayer in Erhai County.
Mr. Zou Bingliang has also been highly recognized by the party, the state and all walks of life. He is the seventh and eighth session of Erhai County, the seventh and eighth session of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, and the seventh session of the People's Congress of Yunnan Province. In 1990, he was elected as the third outstanding entrepreneur of Yunnan Province and a member of the first council of the Chinese Tea People Association. In 1995, he was awarded the honorary title of "Best Image of Contemporary Chinese Entrepreneurs" by the China Enterprise Image Recognition Committee and China Contemporary Entrepreneurs Editorial Board.
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[1999 to present] Old comrades and " old comrades "
After Mr. Zou Bingliang retired, it was difficult for him to devote his life to the tea fate and tea love, and he wanted to combine modern craftsmanship to reform and upgrade the production process and product quality of Pu'er tea. With the former deputy director of Erhai Tea Factory and senior Pu'er tea expert Mr. Lu Guoguo, he co-founded the Gulf Tea Industry. He was the chairman of the board and continued to play a residual role in the tea industry in Yunnan. Under the correct leadership of Mr. Zou Bingliang and Mr. Lu Guoling, the Gulf tea industry has formed after more than ten years of development, following the simple concept of Mr. Zou Bingliang's "Making Tea for the World", inheritance and innovation, and unremitting efforts. A modern Pu'er tea leader integrating Pu'er tea raw materials, alcohol production base, Pu'er tea fine processing base and marketing center.
Today, the old comrades in the Pu'er tea field have become a double guarantee of quality and word of mouth. Whether it is the entry-level "make tea for the heavens" tea brick seven-cake series or the high-end famous ancient tree series, there are many fans.
In May 1999, Mr. Zou Bingliang was hired as the "Expert of the Professional Evaluation Team of China 99 Kunming World Horticultural Exposition", and was appointed as the first and second "Yuncha Cup" famous tea reviewer in Yunnan in June of the same year and June of the following year. Review experts.
In 2002, Mr. Zou Bingliang was hired as an expert of the Puer Tea International Famous Product Evaluation Expert Group. "2006" Mr. Zou Bingliang was named "National Advanced Individual in Food Safety Engineering Technology". In 2007, Mr. Zou Bingliang was awarded the "Master of Life of Chinese Pu'er Tea" in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Honor. In 2008, the China Tea Culture International Exchange Association was established in Hong Kong. Mr. Zou Bingliang was hired as the consultant of the association.
The fascinating story of the Gulf tea industry , the father of Pu'er tea and the growing Pu'er tea star led by him, are still being played ...
Editor-in-chief: Shuifangzi
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