List of Pu'er tea customs
  • The Wa's unique tea drinking customs

    The Dai people also have the habit of drinking bamboo tea and salted tea. The brewing method is almost the same as that of other neighboring ethnic groups. It's just that their bamboo tea is often added with sugar, ginger or mint, which makes the bamboo tea unique.
  • Shimonoseki tea: How much is Bai tea known?

    It also formed characteristic tea drinks, tea customs and tea rituals of different regions and different ethnic groups. Today, Xiaobian will lead you into Dali, Yunnan, to experience the distinctive Bai traditional tea culture together.
  • Run Yuanchang: New Year's tea customs in various places have been known for a long time.

    Do you know tea customs? What are the interesting tea customs in your hometown? "Chinese Tea Dictionary" wrote: "Tea custom is a custom, habit, etiquette that takes tea as the theme or tea as the media, which has gradually formed in long-term social life.
  • Spring Festival holiday tour Yunnan fancy "go to tea"

    Now that the Spring Festival holiday has entered the countdown, Xiaobian has carefully compiled a unique Yunnan "eating tea" travel strategy for every tea friend, and quickly collect it.
  • Tenzing: Tibetan Tea, Beyond Qianshan

    Tea is history, road is history, and history is a record of human progress. My life was in a difficult space, and I dared to run through it, probably relying on this historical path.
  • Dean sour tea

    There is a poem circulating in the tea line: "Hidden in the deep boudoirs, they are slightly sour and slightly bitter and sweet." It refers to Deang sour tea. There are many ways for Deang people to drink tea. In addition to dry tea, the most distinctive ones are sour tea.
  • [Tea things] Do you know these customs and customs of drinking and drinking Pu'er from ethnic minorities in Yunnan?

    The Yunnan ethnic minority first used tea as a sacrifice, even saying "no tea without sacrifices", and later gradually developed unique tea drinking methods of various ethnic groups, such as Tibetan butter tea, Hui tea in bowls, Sandao tea of the Bai nationality, and Bulang Sour tea, Bulang tea, tea
  • What to eat at Dragon Boat Festival in Pu'er Tea Township?

    "May 5th, the words Dragon Boat Festival", all kinds of rice dumplings must be standard for Dragon Boat Festival. However, in Yunnan, where ethnic culture is colorful, customs about Dragon Boat Festival are also diverse. Pu'er on the ancient tea-horse road has spread "May 5th, change the belly".
  • Pouring tea like this will offend people without knowing it.

    On the tea table, the etiquette is hidden in the details. Simply pour the tea one by one, it is good, the guests and the hosts are happy, but they are not good, and they may end up unhappy, the host still feels inexplicable.
  • A Brief Account of Pu'er Tea

    One is that it feels old and unclean when viewed from far away from Pu'er. Therefore, based on hygiene considerations, it is boiled and drunk.
  • Ten reasons to send tea (puer tea) during the Spring Festival

    The price of Pu'er tea is no longer too high, and even real ancient tree tea can be bought for hundreds of dollars. . So this is a great gift.
  • Tea gift for Spring Festival, what kind of Pu'er tea is reliable?

    The raw materials come from the ancient tea garden of Old Banzhang, Brown Mountain, which has undergone various natural disasters, and today it is picked to make tea cakes. This is a tribute to classics, a pursuit beyond classics, and a precious gift to the most noble luxury collectors.
  • Why do you need to send tea for the Spring Festival New Year?

    For the past five thousand years, tea culture, as a symbol of oriental civilization, has been rooted in Chinese tradition. The seven things that opened the door "chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea", the Chinese people's familiarity with tea, from the emperor and the literati, to the husband and the bamboo, ordinary people, all with tea ...
  • Customs of drinking tea across the country during the Spring Festival

    Respecting tea, treating guests with tea, making friends with tea, and friendship with tea are traditional Chinese customs. As the most concentrated and distinctive Spring Festival of folk culture, tea occupies an important position in it. Various forms of folk tea parties are even more diverse. These tea parties ...
  • The Spring Festival is coming, talk about tea customs around, how does your hometown drink tea?

    Tea has always been a must for Chinese people. China is a vast country, and tea drinking customs vary from place to place, and tea enthusiasts will inevitably go to visit relatives and friends in advance to understand the tea customs in various places in advance, which can also avoid confusion when entering the country.
  • Faint memories in Pu'er old teahouse

    Tea drinking traditions have been inherited, inherited, and flourished along with people's tastes.
  • Pu'er tea has a long history

    For thousands of years, the Bulang and De'ang sour teas have been relying on this unique tea to compete with the harsh natural environment and climate. In the past, they have been a place where colds, malaria, poisonous maggots, and intestinal parasites run rampant. Endanger the health of local people at any time ...
  • Tea Party: Heaven and Earth at four o'clock, the Five Games and Six Qi, and Heaven and Man being one!

    The tea prescription prescribed by the old Chinese medicine, you will understand after you try it. You will know that the energy of heaven and earth is huge. A wise tea man will borrow the power of manpower and experience the true union of man and nature. Since ancient times, China has emphasized the unity of heaven and man. The ancients paid great attention to seasonality, and tea recorded the world ...
  • Nurture the nation of Chashan

    In the long-term tea mountain planting and development, the ethnic minorities living in Pu'er tea producing areas have created a colorful Pu'er tea culture and described a warm stroke in the history of Chinese tea.