Pu'er Tea Story List
  • Pu'er tea comes from a beautiful legend

    The peak period of Pu'er tea was in the Qing Dynasty, first with the Emperor Yongzheng's Gongcha Tea Factory, and then Qianlong Emperor Yuci tea. According to legend, Puer tea is named after the Emperor Qianlong, so there is a saying that "Pu'er House first, then Pu'er tea".
  • Sleepy Lushan Pu'er Tea Allusions

    Sleepy Lushan is located in Ninglang County, which is one of the higher peaks in Ninglang County. The history of trapped deer is a royal tea garden dedicated to the royal family. The harvest and production of the tea are produced by the government and supervised by the government. Let's understand the allusions about sleepy Lushan Pu'er tea.
  • Pu'er Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tree Tea History Story Legend

    Jingmai Ancient Tea Garden is a place where history and reality are closely linked. For hundreds of years, no matter what happened in the mountains, since the first tea sprout was planted, this place is destined to be the Holy Land Spirit, and this is the place where civilization was born.
  • Chashan Video History (4): Chashan, Children's Splendid Childhood

    The Laoshan people were crooked, and the Lahu children who ran barefoot, laughed across the entire village, dyed blue sky, and bleached white clouds.
  • Chashan Video (3): Mango, a water-splashing festival in a remote Brown village

    Mango Village Committee belongs to the Brown Mountain Township. In my last book "Exploring the Origin of Ancient Tea in Xishuangbanna", I only mentioned it slightly, I feel sorry for it. I thought that while we were all at home during the Chinese New Year these days, I went to Zhaizi to dig more materials.
  • Chashan Image Book (2): This is a meal that can be recorded in history

    Running Chashan for more than ten years, the journey is probably hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The meal I have eaten can not be counted as unclear, and this meal can indeed be stored in the gate of memory and recorded in the annals of history (Yangpu history).
  • Chashan Photographs (1): Four Frames of Lahu Silhouette

    These are some of the images taken on the way to the old village of Baotang in Baotang the day before yesterday, taking my friends to see Tea King No. 8 Xibao, which is not satisfactory, but the meaning can be expressed. Baotang Jiuzhai is a Lahu village, with only a dozen households, commonly known as "old black" village.
  • These Pu'er tea stories, I believe you have never seen!

    Tea has a close relationship with religion. Simao Pu'er Pu'er is the hometown of Pu'er tea. In this vast land, Hani, Yi, Dong, Lahu, Lao, Brown, Jinuo, Hui, Yao, Dong, Bai, Miao Fourteen generations of inhabitants including Zhuang, Zhan and Han.
  • Shimonoseki tea: tea, memory in the caravan

    For the past, the intermittent reality plus the imagination will become the full impression and memory of an event. Childhood memories are like dreams. Some things are even childhood imaginations. Over time, they can become memories.
  • Shimonoseki discus 8663, golden marbles, 92 square bricks, green trees ... the stories of Pu'er tea that have not been disclosed

    However, 13 years ago, on the mainland of the motherland, there was no professional Pu'er tea media. At this stage, Pu'er tea turned from "raising in deep boudoirs" to "flying into ordinary people's homes." The export market has turned into a large domestic market.
  • Keno: Sweet Days in the Tea Garden

    "Come in, this is the autumn tea of this year, drink a bite." Entering a grand courtyard, the hostess greeted reporters enthusiastically when she came back from the rubber field before changing the farm clothes.
  • The story of the salesman

    The sales law was born in the Shimonoseki tea factory in the 1970s. It was the era of China's planned economy. Tea belongs to a category of commodities. The country implements a unified purchase and marketing policy. The country issues a tea production plan, formulates tea grades, standards, and sells tea. Channels are also made by the country ...
  • Old tea (Pu'er old tea, Liubao old tea)

    Puer soup comes out, the soup is red and orange, if the laughter is continuous, the flavor of the entrance is full of mellow and smooth, rich and powerful return to sweet Shengjin, a lifetime, the mouth will be clear like a deep valley and a stream, make a cup, the bottom of the cup is full of flowers, full of fragrance
  • "88 Green Cake" is legendary, classic, and even a myth.

    "88 Green Cake" is legendary, classic, and even a myth. How much is 88 green cakes? The historical price of the eight and eight green cakes: This tea has been sung all the way for more than 20 years. From the initial value of a few dollars to the current value of about 70,000 yuan, it has repeatedly created myths
  • 88 green cakes: the heroes of Pu'er tea out of the wet warehouse

    Another factor that helped Pu'er Tea get out of the Misang Tea Misunderstanding is that it is 88 green cakes. It's not that 88 green cakes are the only dry storage tea, nor is it that all 88 green cakes are dry storage. This is not an objective fact. On the one hand, the old tea was so poor that it was not enough ...
  • Pu'er tea, a tea with a calm personality!

    I haven't tried tea art again, but then I have been drinking tea on and off, but I have been beaten to nothing by my friends. For example, I like the beautiful green mountains and green waters and the beautiful shapes of Biluochun
  • Pu'er Tea Pocahontas, a beautiful mistake

    Pu'er tea became a tribute during the Kangxi reign and became a custom made during the Yongzheng reign.
  • "Replacing wine with tea", did not expect that an alcoholic said ...

    The Chinese nation is a nation of etiquette and rich tea and wine culture. It is known for the practice of "replacing wine with tea." Whenever a banquet, poor or incompetent drinkers, they often bring up tea cups and say "replace wine with tea" In order to make the most of the courtesy, he not only pushed away the drinking, but also did not lose the etiquette.
  • Dayi 7592 cooked tea story

    Today I share with you the story of Dayi 7592 cooked tea. 7592 cooked tea is a traditional cooked tea other than Dayi Laowu. It was originally born in 1999. It is packaged in Chinese tea.