List of Pu'er Tea Beauty
  • Tea meets people-a faint encounter, a lifelong encounter!

    When tea meets water, people and tea, and tea and utensils, it is a lifelong encounter—water is the mother of tea, utensils are the father of tea, and humans are the love of tea!
  • The most beautiful in winter is to make tea | Good tea is coming to the pot

    The most beautiful in winter is to make tea | Good tea is coming to the pot
  • The best "year taste" of the Spring Festival

    In such a traditional festival, offering a cup of tea to relatives and friends is a show of sincere friendship and a sense of ritual in traditional festivals. Together with the reunion, the tea culture is accompanied and becomes more colorful.
  • Fuyuanchang Pu'er Tea: Night talk roasted tea, drink a pot of pure

    At eleven o'clock, it was late at night for the ancient tea mountain of Hekai, and the first seven or eight pieces of charcoal had been burned out. Only Yu Wen and our contentment and peace of mind were left. Go to sleep.
  • Be a cup of tea

    To be a person is like a cup of tea. The taste is a bit bitter when you first taste it. It's like meeting someone for the first time, because you are unfamiliar with it. When you taste it again, it tastes sweet
  • In the coldest season, cooking the "old tea head" in the surrounding stove into a warm daily life

    In the coldest season, cooking the "old tea head" in the surrounding stove into a warm daily life
  • Open a long-lasting old tea with friends

    One day, a friend came to visit, so in the afternoon in the light rain and the sun was constantly changing, I opened a dusty old tea with this tea lover for many years.
  • Meet by fate, know each other by taste, just like an old tea

    I like an old tea, fall in love with it, and collect it. There is no hustle and bustle because of the disturbance. It is the cause and effect of previous lives, and the reincarnation of this life.
  • Make Pu'er Tea, make time!

    That tea heart, that wisp of tea smoke, will make you feel at first sight, just like a touch of soft wind. The slightest nostalgia let the throbbing heart quietly bloom.
  • Hot pot hot tea accompanied by red dust, no regrets this winter

    Hot pot hot tea accompanied by red dust, no regrets this winter
  • Yiqiu Tea Industry: The tea you drink represents your taste

    Tea drinkers always have a unique temperament that can be recognized at a glance among the hustle and bustle. Impatient and impatient, calm and calm, raising his hands to show the gesture of talking, all reflects his exquisite taste of life.
  • Shiyu Yichang: Sip a good cup of tea and read a good poem

    Tea has always been one of the themes of literati and writers; because of tea, how many historical allusions have been alive; because of tea, how many masterpieces have spawned. Pu'er tea with a long history contains a strong fragrance of time ...
  • Choi Nong Tea: Tea is silent, just right

    Boiled tea in clear water, the first green freshness, is the second life of water, from a touch of tender green on the tea treetops to a sleep in a tea pot, and then wake up in boiling water, a piece of fresh green, dance in the water, bloom .
  • Warm the winter with a scent of ripe tea

    A cup of Pu'er tea brings a faint fragrance, a strong warmth, a warm atmosphere, and a cup of tea is enough to warm the whole winter.
  • Pu'er tea is the sweetness that has been touched over the years

    To taste the unique flavor of Pu'er tea, it takes time to wait, and you need to serve the tea with heart. In the end, she will definitely give you a better side. Have tea in life and enjoy it!
  • Hand holds a cup of tea, refuses to be a bowed head

    Don't let the phone dominate us, but let us dominate the phone. Put down your mobile phone appropriately, pick up the tea art tradition that has been circulating for thousands of years, make a pot of tea, activate your body, and nourish your heart and lungs.
  • Make a pot of tea

    A pot of tea slows down time and calms down. A pot of tea is a collection of people's leisure time for many years. No matter how busy, as long as you make a pot of tea and watch the aroma linger, your heart will gradually become full. The source of tea fragrance is not in the hands, but in the heart.
  • Life is an art: born of tea, longer than tea

    Art comes from life, but it is higher than life. After a long process, it turns into a cup of golden and translucent tea soup in his hand, a cup of tea in his hand, and in the aroma of tea, feel a pure art-tea art, Experience the rich Pu'er tea spirit.
  • Tea, a leaf story

    When a leaf falls into the water, it becomes tea. The hanging pot was filled with water and clanged, the tea leaves unfolded full of tea, the tea soup changed color, or bright red, or golden, the tea fragrance was flowing, and the hustle and bustle of the room was quiet.