Publication of "Pu'er Ancient Tree Tea"

Recently, "Pu'er Ancient Tree Tea" edited by the Pu'er CPPCC was published by Yunnan Science and Technology Press.
"Pu'er Ancient Tree Tea" is written by well-known experts and scholars in Pu'er tea industry, focusing on the ancient tree tea in Pu'er City. This book simplifies the concept, distribution and characteristics of Pu'er ancient tree tea, Pu'er's eight ancient tea mountains, 100 ancient tea gardens, Pu'er ancient tree tea processing, storage, quality standards, Pu'er ancient tree tea identification, tasting, etc. A clear introduction, and invited Pu'er tea experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and tea people to join hands-on experience to talk about tea appreciation, tea making, tea tasting, tea appreciation experience and skills. This book is characterized by popularity and popularization, and integrates authority, knowledge, and experience. It is a vast number of Pu'er tea enthusiasts understand the current status of Pu'er ancient tea mountain, improve the ability of Pu'er ancient tree tea tasting, and enrich the knowledge of Pu'er tea culture The missing reference book is also a rare reference book for tea workers and tea researchers to study Pu'er ancient tree tea.
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