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  • Back to Nantiancun Tea Raiders, are you doing it right?

    Under normal circumstances, there are many small fluff on the tea, called tea millet, rich in theanine, tea polyphenols and other nutrients, is an important indicator of tea tenderness. The right way to store tea in wet weather
  • Run Yuanchang: The epidemic prevention encountered heavy rain + back to Nantian, open the window or close the window to prevent moisture? What's the point of keeping tea?

    Run Yuanchang: The epidemic prevention encountered heavy rain + back to Nantian, open the window or close the window to prevent moisture? What's the point of keeping tea?
  • How is Pu'er loose tea stored? This container cannot be used!

    When talking about Pu'er tea storage, many of them introduce the storage techniques of whole sticks, whole cylinders and whole pieces. So, how should the scattered Pu'er tea be stored?
  • Puer tea is better

    Squeezed tea occupies a small space, so the storage cost is low, which is conducive to a large amount of storage in a small space, and is also convenient for transportation. This is also the original purpose of squeeze tea.
  • How to collect Pu'er tea? The last point of the old tea people's pure experience sharing is crucial!

    How to collect Pu'er tea? How to judge the collection potential of a tea? Many tea enthusiasts who have just started, do not know the specific situation, and the collection of Pu'er tea soon changed quality.
  • Tumpu No. 21 Tea Mountain Taste: Guide to Preserving Tea

    Tumpu No. 21 Tea Mountain Taste: Guide to Preserving Tea
  • Views of Puer Tibetans

    The cost of drinking fine Pu'er tea is relatively high, which is the same as drinking other famous teas such as famous green tea or oolong tea: the greater the fame, the higher the cost in all aspects, and the price will naturally increase with the increase in water.
  • Puersheng tea is stored in loose tea? Is it funny?

    The initial process of Pu'er tea is the process of processing fresh leaves into woolen tea. Refined manufacturers' wool tea comes from three sources; raw tea of Pu'er tea cannot be stored as loose tea for the following reasons:
  • What chemical changes occur in Pu'er tea storage?

    Pu'er tea, as a tea that grows older and stronger, needs to be stored over time. During the storage process, Pu'er tea is affected by external and internal factors, and a series of changes are taking place.
  • Lao Xu talks about the different ways to preserve Pu'er tea in different areas of tea? Do you know how to keep tea at home?

    How to preserve Pu'er tea? In principle, depending on the humidity and temperature of the storage place, we divide it into three types of storage methods: high humidity area, low humidity area, and moderate humidity area.
  • What physical changes will occur in Pu'er tea storage?

    The "change" of Pu'er tea is the only way for Pu'er tea to become "more mature and more fragrant." The premise is that your Pu'er tea's raw materials are of high quality, the technology is correct, and the storage is scientific. Good "Pu'er tea.
  • How long can Pu'er tea be stored? Are you lost?

    How long can Pu'ersheng tea be kept? As far as the storage life of Pu'ersheng tea is concerned, its shelf life is very long and can be stored for a long time.
  • Can I keep it in the refrigerator?

    The refrigerator in the family is a good environment for storing food. Many tea enthusiasts like to buy the tea leaves they bought back and put them in the refrigerator after sealing them. Where is it stored?
  • What is wet storage tea? How to identify wet storage tea?

    The first condition of high-quality Pu'er tea is to be clean. If the storage environment is not appropriate, even if the tea is as old as it is, it is not necessarily valuable. Pu'er tea, find a reason: delicious is the last word!
  • What are the storage methods for Pu'er tea?

    What are the storage methods for Pu'er tea? There are various ways to store Pu'er tea. Generally speaking, as long as the tea is stored in a dry and ventilated place, do not expose it to the sun.
  • What do you need to pay special attention to in winter for Pu'er tea?

    The storage of Pu'er tea requires special attention. Especially in winter, the external environment of tea leaves is very different from that in summer and autumn. In Pu'er tea stored at home, in winter, which areas need special attention?
  • How long can you keep your Pu'er tea?

    The more aged and more fragrant the nature of Pu'er tea has promoted the heat of keeping tea in the market, but will it be possible to get the result that the more aged and more fragrant the more aged the tea?
  • Why is there floating matter in the tea soup after my tea is brewed?

    The older the Pu'er tea is, the more fragrant it is. The premise is to have the correct storage method. Its essence prevents odor, constant temperature, and moderate humidity. These three factors are very important, and I hope to help everyone who likes to collect Pu'er tea.
  • How to store Pu'ersheng tea? Can raw tea be mixed?

    It is not possible to put Pu'ersheng tea of different brands in the same purple sand jar. Even if each kind of tea cake is made from the same raw material, but the production process is different, the aroma, color and taste will be different .....