Drink Pu'er Tea List
  • [2019 knowledge] Puer tea brewing method knowledge inventory

    At the beginning of 2020, Pu'er Tea Net (coxcept.com) made a general inventory of the basic knowledge of Pu'er tea's tea making methods, tea making methods, brewing skills, brewing misunderstandings, and Pu'er tea's drinking skills Carding so that more people understand and learn.
  • Is it boring to make tea or make soup soon?

    Stuffing is suitable for identifying the quality of tea, but it may not be suitable for normal drinking. Some puerh teas are suitable for smoldering, which helps to stimulate the endoplasm and is more flavorful, but you must master the time of suffocation.
  • What should I pay attention to when drinking famous camellia?

    Famous Camellia has not always been so popular. It only emerged in the last ten years. It became "Famous Mountain" because it became famous.
  • You need to wake up to drink aged Pu'er tea

    Many people have the habit of drinking tea immediately in Kaifeng. However, teas like Pu'er, especially the old Pu'er, which has been stored for many years, have a bad taste immediately after opening, and can often smell strange or dry throat. This is because there is no wake-up tea.
  • How to drink Yunnan Seven Seeds Tea

    To drink the Yunnan Seven Seed Cake Tea, you should first watch its red and yellow bright soup color, then smell its fragrance, feel the faint longan fragrance, and the special scent. Finally taste it. So how to drink Yunnan Seven Seed Cake Tea?
  • Can Erhai Seven Seed Tea be cooked and drunk?

    To make the seven-cake tea, you need to cut the tea cake into pieces and then chopped it. Finally, you can put the crushed tea into the tea pot and cook it. During the cooking process, you need to stir continuously. In order to cook out the nutritional ingredients of the Seven Seed Tea Cake.
  • One hundred people drink Pu'er tea and have one hundred flavors

    If you drink Pu'er tea and I don't have a taste, don't doubt that I'm flickering, and don't doubt your own taste, in fact, we are all not wrong. Pu'er tea is wrong!
  • Bitterness in tea, coordination of tea tasting

    In the era when Pu'er tea was not well known by consumers, drinking tea only paid attention to the three elements of color, aroma and taste. Now drinking Pu'er tea has an additional color, aroma, taste and qi, but tea qi is a kind of difficult to embody Personal feelings.
  • Let you understand Pu'er in a minute!

    Although the taste of Pu'er cooked tea is not as varied as Pu'er raw tea, it still has its unique flavor. How to feel the "sweet and mellow" of Pu'er cooked tea, and how to understand it?
  • Brewing method of Yunnan Seven Seed Cake Tea

    A cake of seven-year-old cakes, combined with the brewing technique in place, can be said to be a perfect, healthy and healthy tea soup. Regarding the brewing of Yunnan Seven-Zi Cake Tea, you must master certain methods and techniques.
  • Tea is not good? Only one reason

    Learning to brew Pu'er tea does not necessarily mean that you need to pour hundreds of pieces of tea out of thousands of dollars to show yourself, but to make the tea show its best self.
  • Would you like to drink Pu'er tea in winter? Drink raw or cooked tea?

    In the snowy winter, is it better to drink raw tea or cooked tea? It's so cold, don't think about it, it must be cooked tea. Some tea friends are definitely not convinced, especially in some places, winter is short-lived, only a month before and after. Obviously drinking raw tea is more appropriate. Besides, ...
  • It is advisable to drink tea in the winter solstice

    This old tea head small red mandarin is made from red mandarins from the core area of Xinhui, with old tea heads. The product has excellent performance in terms of concentration, sweetness, coordination and return to sweetness, forming a fragrant, strong, sweet and smooth taste experience.
  • Seasonal tea drinking | Spring and summer are sweet and sweet, autumn and winter are ripe and waxy

    When it comes to drinking tea, you have to mention Pu'er tea! Raw tea is sweet and sweet, and cooked tea is glutinous and smooth.
  • Taste cooked tea from these 6 aspects

    High-quality Pu'er tea cooked tea has a mellow, sweet, pure aroma, smoothness, sweetness, and shengjin; poor-quality cooked tea has a bland or unpleasant taste, is not slippery and moist, and even has a throat-throat feeling.
  • Drinking tea in winter for health

    Winter is cold, people are accustomed to eating some high-calorie foods, but at the same time, the amount of exercise is reduced, eating more and moving less, it is easy to accumulate flatulence, and easy to gain weight. Cooked tea helps digestion and relieve tiredness, and at the same time has a downhill slope to prevent obesity.
  • Does temperature affect Pu'er tea?

    When drinking Pu'er tea, we often hear similar conversations: "It's too cold today, the aroma of tea can't come out" "The water temperature is not enough, the taste of tea does not bubble out" ... These daily conversations reflect that the temperature is Tea has a certain effect.
  • Mandarin tea can be brewed several times

    How many times can orange tea be brewed? Citrus tea can be brewed several times. We need to look at the size of the head and the temperature of the brewing water. There are no problems more than ten times, and twice the tea is excluded. Generally, boiling water will be selected. It is recommended that you can heat it a little higher, because the high ...
  • How to make Chenpi Mandarin Tea

    How to make Chenpi Mandarin Tea? Chenpi Mandarin Puerh Tea is a well-known health tea in Pu'er tea. The tea has a fresh fragrance, refreshing liver and lungs, eliminating stagnant stagnation, and is rich in vitamins. It is the first choice for lung, stomach, and lipid-lowering. Health.