Does drinking Pu'er tea affect sleep?

Does drinking Pu'er tea affect sleep? This article introduces you in detail how drinking Pu'er tea can affect sleep, and how netizens respond to drinking Pu'er tea?

Does drinking Pu'er tea affect sleep? As we all know, insomniac people should not drink tea, but sputum heat internal disturbance type insomniacs drink Pu'er tea instead help sleep. The reason is that most people with insomnia with phlegm and heat disturbance often drink alcohol or eat too much, causing spleen and stomach damage. Chinese medicine believes that spleen injury easily leads to liver stagnation, liver and gallbladder are not sparse, depression and heat, sputum and heat, sputum heat disturbs the mind, so insomnia. This type of insomnia suffers from symptoms such as heavy head, heavy sputum, yellowing, upset, nausea, bitter mouth, constipation and other symptoms while sleeping poorly. Treatment of this type of insomnia should clear the heat and reduce sputum, and those who have food accumulation and digestion accumulation. Pu'er tea has the effects of digesting phlegm, clearing the stomach, and promoting fluid flow. If sputum heat disturbs insomnia, drinking Pu'er tea can not only clear the heat and phlegm, but also greatly improve sleep.

Scientific research proves that drinking Pu'er tea not only does not cause excitement and insomnia like green tea, but also helps sleep, but different drinking methods can produce different effects. It is best to drink Puer tea an hour before bedtime, and to drink Puer tea before bedtime, be sure to use brewing instead of soaking. After the hot water is injected and the tea soup is brewed, it is necessary to separate the tea soup from the tea leaves to keep the tea dry and not to soak the tea with water for a long time. Brewing can calm down and make people fall asleep better; soaking is just the opposite.

Look at the reactions of the following netizens to drinking Pu'er tea to lose weight . Because it is tea polyphenols that affect sleep, but Pu'er is a post-fermented tea, the tea polyphenol content is very small. My dad couldn't sleep in the morning after drinking tea, but drinking Pu'er was all right, and he still slept. If you ca n’t sleep with Pu'er, on the one hand, it may be that your year of Puer is not long enough; on the other hand, it may be a psychological suggestion.

Pu'er tea is the only post-fermented tea in the world. Its content of theophylline and tea polyphenols is less than that of ordinary tea, so drinking it will not affect sleep, but will promote sleep. Tea is generally alkaline and neutralizes a small portion of stomach acid.

Whether Pu'er tea affects sleep also varies from person to person. If the quality of sleep is poor, the tea is very sensitive to polyphenols and caffeine, or there is a "refreshing" psychological hint that drinking tea may affect sleep.

Netizen B: Drinking Pu'er tea generally does not affect sleep, but it also varies from person to person. If the quality of sleep is poor, the tea polyphenols and caffeine are very sensitive, or there is a psychological hint of refreshing when drinking tea May affect sleep.

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