Pu'er tea identification list
  • How to judge the quality of Pu'er tea from the taste

    Tea, the biggest value is actually used for tasting. Whether a tea comes from a famous mountain or not, it is not the basis for judging whether this tea has collectible value.
  • Sales Law Special: Can I still buy sales law? How to distinguish authenticity?

    How did the sales law come from? Is it really sold only in France? Can I still buy it now? How to distinguish authenticity?
  • Tips for tasting the quality of cooked tea

    Drinking Pu'er tea is a favorite of many people, and tasting the quality of a Pu'er tea is usually indispensable. So where do we start, let's talk about how Puer tea is tasted.
  • How to distinguish the quality of Erhai Qizi Cake Tea?

    How to choose seven pie? Surely not a simple one! Look at the inner ticket, inner fly, cake body, soup color, tasting, leaf bottom and many other aspects to discuss! So how do you distinguish between good and bad Qihai tea?
  • The taste of Pu'er tea raw tea

    The main flavors of tea are: aroma, sour, sweet, bitter, astringent, umami, stale, tobacco, soup, thick and cloudy, and stuffy, wet, moldy, etc. It is very closely related to chemical composition.
  • How to rate the appearance of Pu'er tea?

    When drinking Pu'er tea, the first step is to observe the appearance of the tea cake. When we review, we also need to judge the appearance.
  • How to distinguish the authenticity of Pu'er old tea with a vintage, and from what aspects?

    Before coming into contact with old tea, you must study the history of Pu'er tea factories, such as Erhai Tea Factory, Xiaguan Tea Factory, Kunming Tea Factory, etc. Without knowing the history of these tea factories, you are like a blind man riding a blind horse.
  • Tea is ok, just know if you are bored

    Pu'ersheng tea is "boring" for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes or longer. Because of long soaking, the endoplasm dissolves more and it is easier to magnify the advantages and disadvantages of the tea. When identifying the "boring" tea soup, we need to pay attention to the following aspects.
  • How to distinguish Xigui ancient tree tea

    Xigui tea belongs to the big leaf species of Bangdong. It is rich in endoplasm and very resistant to bubbles. It has a high concentration of tea soup, a thick flavor and a sharp aroma. The tea is strong but the soup is soft and smooth. And lasting fragrance in the mouth. How to distinguish the old Guishu tea?
  • Identification method of Xigui ancient tree tea

    Xigui strips are black and narrow, with a long and fragrant aroma, delicate soup without losing domineering, and the tail water is sweet but not greasy. Growing tea areas at low altitudes and high latitudes, it can stand out from many tea areas and rank among the new six major tea mountains. Naxigui ancient tree tea identification method is ...
  • How to distinguish between inferior teas in different packages?

    The first step in drinking Pu'er tea is to reject poor quality tea. I hope every tea customer can escape the scam of a traitor.
  • Puxiu Tea Lesson 006, How to judge the quality of tea through the tea leaves?

    Puxiu Tea Lesson 006, How to judge the quality of tea through the tea leaves?
  • How to distinguish Icelandic ancient tree tea

    Icelandic tea refers to the Icelandic large-leaf seed tea produced in the Icelandic village of Liku, Lincang, Yunnan Province. It is characterized by long-lasting sweetness, thicker and more delicate sweetness than other teas. The market price of Icelandic tea is chaotic due to hype, so you should choose carefully when buying. How about Icelandic ancient tree tea ...
  • How does Pu'er cooked tea distinguish between good and bad? 20 years old expert share 3 big experiences!

    Shupu is widely loved by the public for its mild tea nature, wide drinking population and health-care properties. In areas where Pu'er tea has become popular, people everywhere can brew and drink it. So, how to distinguish the merits of Pu'er cooked tea?
  • Pu'er tea crushed silver is hot recently? How to divide good or bad?

    How to distinguish the quality of broken silver? What are the characteristics? Today, Miss Sister of Operation will introduce the "broken silver" that has recently become popular in the market.
  • After smelling the correct posture of Pu'er tea aroma, after reading it, I felt that the tea aroma was a lot!

    Identifying the aroma of tea is mainly accomplished by smell. By soaking tea leaves, the aromatic substances contained therein are volatilized, and the olfactory nerves of the nasal cavity are stimulated to distinguish. There are two methods of "dry sniffing tea fragrance" and "wet sniffing leaf bottom".
  • Several key points to distinguish ancient tree tea and spring tea

    Ancient tree tea is sought after by many tea visitors, and for a reason. Let ’s take a look at a few key points about ancient tree tea and spring tea. The content of this article is for reference only:
  • Three characteristics, judge the authenticity of Yiwu tea!

    The Pu'er tea finished tea is made from sun-woolen wool from Yiwu tea area. The characteristics of the fresh tea strips are enlarged buds, many hairs on the leaf body and the back of the leaf.
  • Identification of Puer tea B goods

    The fake Pu'er tea can all be called B goods. As a senior tea customer, you must have the ability to distinguish B goods.