Pu'er Tea Knowledge List
  • Pu'er Wake Up Trilogy!

    Dry awakening tea is to change the storage mode of Pu'er tea to achieve the purpose of awakening the tea quality and condensing the tea aroma.
  • Who invented Pu'er Tea?

    Many tea experts in Yunnan are willing to put this credit on Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China, thinking that he once led troops to Yunnan and taught his ancestors to plant and make tea.
  • [2019 knowledge] Pu'er tea basic knowledge inventory (below)

    Pu'er tea is a common tea product in daily life. Many people like to drink it, but they don't know much about the basic knowledge of Pu'er tea. Basic knowledge such as Puer tea terminology ...
  • Lao Xu talks about tea Dayi 7542 is a blended tea? How high is the technical content of a good tea?

    The so-called blended tea is to blend different flavors and flavors of tea according to a certain ratio to get a blender's favorite and the only tea. How does it work?
  • The beauty of Pu'er tea

    Looking at the old and tender raw materials, the bottom of the leaf is clear at a glance. However, when looking at the bottom of the leaves in the way of tea aesthetics, tenderness is no longer the only rule, but the raw materials are moderately old. No matter whether it is new tea or old tea that is more fragrant, the comprehensive performance in the later period is better.
  • Why did the Qing court like Pu'er Gong tea?

    Judging from the quality and packaging of tea, Pu'er Gong tea has its own unique features compared with tea from other regions. A huge amount of tea leaves the court from Yunnan every year, which is rare in the history of tribute tea in the Qing Dynasty.
  • How to buy Pu'er tea?

    Regarding the purchase of old tea, drink some new tea, and then go shopping for old tea after drinking the effect.
  • What is the water taste of Pu'er tea?

    The normal water taste in Pu'er tea is that the tea is nearing the end, and the tail water shows that the contents of tea are no longer melted in water. The antonym of water is actually full. In fact, in addition to tail water, there are several situations where water taste will appear.
  • Where is Pu'er Tea Star Tea?

    Speaking of "old class chapter", "mint pond", "Iceland", these big brothers who are now in the Pu'er tea industry, even the new tea enthusiasts can talk freely.
  • [Video] The value and aging effect of Pu'er tea, CCTV said so!

    [Video] The value and aging effect of Pu'er tea, CCTV said so!
  • Raw tea is the "semi-finished product" of Pu'er tea

    The naming and division of the six major teas are mostly based on the degree of craftsmanship and fermentation, but these basis have become blurred and chaotic in the world of Pu'er tea. The shape of Pu'er tea in a certain period.
  • Can I use a pot

    First of all, it is certain that the small green mandarins can be brewed in a pot, and the thermos cup can also be used to brew the small green mandarins, and it can also be brewed in an appropriate amount according to personal taste.
  • Pu'er Tea

    In the tea industry, the old Ban Zhang is definitely a famous name. Even newcomers who have just joined the industry have heard or touched the Old Ban Zhang to some extent. The influence is obvious.
  • Take you through the mystery of pure materials

    Is pure material necessarily "pure"? No absolute pure ingredients are used, only relative blending. Suppose in the Qing Dynasty, did you drink pure ingredients or blend? Even the emperor can only drink a match ...
  • What is Pu'er Tea Shengjin sense? Puer raw tea and cooked tea have different sensu

    How to distinguish a high-quality Pu'er tea? Old tea lovers will surely say that good tea must be able to return to Gan Shengjin. So, what exactly is the sense of puer tea?
  • 4 tips for smelling good tea, raw tea and cooked tea are different

    The main reason why Pu'er tea is highly respected is that it has the essence of "more age and more fragrance". So, how to choose a Puer tea that is "more and more fragrant" is a difficult problem for many tea friends.
  • Is Puer tea important for tea quality or for its name? Interpretation of "Reissued Tea"

    As we all know, there are many uncertainties in the aging of Pu'er tea. From the production of raw materials to the later storage management, no problem is allowed at every step. These various factors are mixed together to create a star tea.
  • [2019 Annual Knowledge] Basic knowledge of citrus tea

    In recent years, citrus tea has become popular in the North and South, and has quickly become the new favorite of the tea industry.
  • What is the biggest difference in the conversion of cake tea and coriander tea?

    In Pu'er tea, cake tea and tea are both pressed tea, and both are aged for a certain period of time before they can be truly called Pu'er tea, because Pu'er tea has two important conditions: pressing and natural aging Otherwise, it can only be called a semi-finished product.