What is the difference between the taste of raw tea and cooked tea?

As a tea lover, everyone knows that Pu'er tea is raw or cooked. For Xiaobai, he may ask: Is there any difference between raw tea and cooked tea?
Pu'er tea refers to the tea with unique quality characteristics, which is made from Yunnan big leaf sun-dried green tea within the scope of geographical indication protection, and is made by specific processing technology within the scope of geographical indication protection. According to its processing technology and quality characteristics, Pu'er tea is divided into Pu'er tea ( raw tea ) and Pu'er tea (cooked tea).
The essential distinction between raw tea and cooked tea is defined by the difference in quality characteristics brought about by the difference in process. Raw tea is made from refined green tea and pressed, while cooked tea has an additional "whole pile fermentation" process, which leads to essential differences in the quality characteristics of the two, which is divided into raw tea and cooked tea .
The difference between the taste of raw tea and cooked tea. From the perspective of review, the sub-factors that need to be reviewed by raw tea and cooked tea are: smoothness, hydration, astringency, integration, throat lock Stinging tongue. What needs to be distinguished is that the raw tea must be evaluated for the wrap of the tea soup, while the cooked tea is sticky.
If we only look at it from the perspective of drinking, the raw tea in the new tea period has a bitterer bitterness, and the tea is strong and cold. Under the premise of ensuring the raw materials, technology, and storage, the old tea after transformation is bitter and fades away, the taste is mellow, and the sweetness is obvious, the taste is softer, and the smoothness and consistency are strengthened. High-quality cooked tea presents some of the taste characteristics of old tea in the new tea period. The bitterness is weak, and the tea soup has good stickiness, smoothness, and strong strength. It focuses more on the pursuit of soup.
Raw tea and cooked tea are both Pu'er tea. As for the taste, some people like raw tea, and some people like cooked tea. You can choose according to your needs and preferences.

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