Can I drink Puer tea overnight? Answer three

A: I also said before, and I have also sent data, but whether you can drink overnight tea depends on how you drink it. It is not possible to drink overnight tea. Generally, overnight tea is not drinkable. You can't drink tea. But Pu'er tea is very resistant to froth and has excellent quality, which determines the special characteristics of Pu'er tea.
Can I drink Puer tea overnight? Answer three
Friends who have tried Pu'er tea know that Pu'er tea will turn red-brown after being left for a long time. In fact, this is due to the oxidation of tea polyphenols into red-brown tea pigment. Studies have shown that both tea polyphenols and tea pigments have strong anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects. Although the content of vitamin C in overnight tea is greatly reduced, they still have anti-disease effects. Pu'er tea can be drunk overnight, but under certain conditions.
1. Although Pu'er tea can be drunk overnight, it should not be too long. If it has been over 24 hours, please give up.
2. If you ca n’t finish drinking today and want to continue to enjoy tomorrow, then please follow the steps below: 1. The last bubble, pour the water in the pot thoroughly. Generally speaking, the main reason why you can't drink overnight tea is that after one night, the tea soup is easy to breed bacteria, and the tea itself is not affected (more than 24 hours, it is hard to say). Water in a dry pot, keep the bottom of the leaves dry, there is no problem. 2. Close the lid of the pot firmly, and buckle the pot. The famous "Broth Bacteria Experiment" tells us that it is the bacteria in the air that make the broth go bad. Here we buckle the pot back with the spout facing down to avoid the bacteria at the bottom of the leaf as much as possible. 3. The next day, when you want to continue making tea, pour boiling water twice into the pot, quickly pour it out, and you can continue to enjoy. The rapid tea washing here is to wash as much bacteria as possible on the bottom of the leaf as much as possible to avoid waste of tea quality.
I also want to remind everyone that it is best not to drink cold tea water. No matter what kind of tea, cold tea water is too cold, which will put a lot of stress on the kidneys. Drinking tea is a healthy drink. I hope everyone drinks good tea, and most importantly, healthy tea!
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