Pu'er Tea Investment List
  • How about the price of Pu'er tea?

    How about the price of Pu'er tea? In fact, it is not difficult to understand the price of Pu'er tea. The market is chaotic, and it hurts to see many tea friends cheated.
  • What is the investment value of Yiwu Ancient Tree Tea

    For those who have just entered the Pu'er tea investment field, it is recommended to buy some good Yiwu tea base first. Because the transformation of Yiwu tea is proven by history, buying good Yiwu tea first can ensure that there will be no loss of money because there is no surprise in the later transformation.
  • The deep reason why Dayi tea has long-term investment value

    Dayi Investment has been industrialized, and the industry is immortal. The foundation industry is evergreen. Once the market behaviors form a large-scale and orderly industry behavior, it will have a long-lasting possibility. After all, the time required for the destruction of an industry is really long.
  • Is the low-end Pu'er tea valuable for collection?

    The so-called "low-end" can refer to two aspects: the low-end of price, or the low-end of quality. Let us first understand these two aspects of Pu'er tea.
  • Puer tea investment is becoming increasingly younger

    For a long time in the past, the Pu'er tea industry has always been a very traditional industry. From the tea factory to the tea merchant to the consumer, both the sales model and the thinking model are single, offline, and rarely innovative. Just a storm, the Puer tea industry ...
  • How about Pu'er Tea investing in Jingmai Camellia?

    The ancient tea garden of 10,000 acres in Maishan has a history of more than 1,800 years. It is the domestication and cultivation of the local people of the Blang and Dai nationalities. Artificially cultivated ancient tea ...
  • What is the relationship between the Pu'er tea investment market and the macro economy?

    Only when the Pu'er tea market develops to a certain scale and level, will it be closely linked to the macro economy, and this effect will be transmitted to the investment market by the way, which requires time and industry's efforts.
  • Pu'er tea collectors pay attention to these cakes

    2017 Xiling Autumn Auction Tea Culture Sale Price
  • In this round of Dayi recovery, the heroes are middle-aged and old tea!

    During this period of time, Dayi's middle-aged and old tea trade was very active, especially the products before 2004 had a lot of transactions, and 2005-2006 were also more popular. Peacock cabbage series, white cloth strips, green ecology, various benefits ( Jin Dayi, Zi Dayi, etc.) are the main force of the transaction.
  • 30 years of aged Pu'er tea prices

    Good aged Pu'er is the kind that has been kept for 20 or 30 years. Regardless of whether it is raw or cooked, the special scent has a special smooth, smooth, thick entrance. It is normal for such good tea to be expensive. But there is no market.
  • Pu'er Tea's four most valuable Pu'er teas

    In the tea market, the brands that are generally considered to have higher investment value are Dayi, Lao Comrade, Chen Sheng, Long Run, and Colorful Yunnan. In this section, let's meet the four most popular Pu'er tea raw tea cakes in Pu'er tea's history, and look at their ...
  • For Pu'er tea investment, why is the conversion space greater than the quality!

    The more mature and more fragrant Pu'er tea means that with a certain transformation time, Pu'er tea will rhyme good quality, and there is also the possibility of arbitrage, which highlights the transformation space, that is, the richness, hierarchy, The importance of the richness of inclusions.
  • Talking about 100 billion Pu'er tea aging industry

    Pu'er tea industry The author believes that the division of Pu'er tea's quality can be divided into three parts: the cultivation of tea trees, the production and aging of Pu'er tea. Chemical industry ", mainly highlighting its importance ...
  • Dayi Development Trend Report: Investment and consumption are gradually separated!

    If you make a horizontal comparison, comparing the investment and consumption status of Dayi products in 2013-2014 with 2016-2017, we will find a stark difference:
  • Lan Yun, unveiling the fourth investment era of Dayi's milestone!

    Throughout the years of the Dayi investment market, the potential before the restructuring has grown. From 2006 to 2007, it officially opened the prelude to Dayi Pu'er tea investment. Until 2017, the Dayi investment tea market has undergone a continuous adjustment, improvement, Tends to be rational.
  • Cold Thinking of Pu'er Tea

    To comprehensively improve the quality of Pu'er tea, it must make Pu'er tea a sanitary, safe and healthy green natural drink. This is the arduous task facing Yunnan tea people to build the Pu'er tea industry.
  • Good health is easy to find, high-end cooked tea is hard to find

    Pu'er tea has been so popular for more than ten years that prices have skyrocketed, especially some well-known old teas.
  • How big is the appreciation of Pu'er tea?

    There are two key factors for the appreciation of Pu'er tea: the original price and the degree of conversion. One represents the starting price of Pu'er tea, and the other represents the value proposition.
  • These 10 factors determine the price of Pu'er tea?

    There are many factors that determine the price of Pu'er tea, the geographical location of the tea used, the grade of the used materials, the historical significance of developing the finished product, the way of storing the finished product, the year after the finished product, the geographical location of the finished product, and so on.